attaching an extra activities resume

<p>I've heard from many people that its a terrible idea to attach a separate resume with your ECs for Yale. They say to just use the common app. activities list. Have any of you heard this?</p>

<p>Do both. Or, more accurately, do both if you really can't fit it all on the common app list. I ended up doing a separate resume in addition to the common app thingie because I really couldn't summarize my activities well on the sheet. (For example, I only had space for "Theater" on the common app, but on the resume, I did a list of all the school shows I was in.)</p>

<p>as much as they say they don't want extra stuff, you'd really be at a disadvantage not to send one.</p>

<p>esp if you have any one time activities you want to explain. for example: i attended GYLC and P2P. There really is no way to list these on the common app, so i typed a VERY simple addendum, titled it "addendum to activities list" and wrote a BRIEF explaination.
i have heard that being simple and brief is the best way to do it, just slot it in between the pages of your application with activies and the one with essays.</p>

<p>I attached a separate activities list that allowed me to elaborate on my activities, as well. I think it's a pretty common thing to do.</p>

<p>See what i did was post some of those one time activites that were honors under awards, or summer programs. also-- they say on common app. that the additional info section should be used for extra info or explanation bout ECs. My GC told me to did it that way so as to avoid a laundrey list of ECs that don't matter. I guess either way is fine</p>

<p>Well, your GC had a good point. You should never include a laundry list of ECs that don't matter, whether you're attaching a separate activity list or not. </p>

<p>I think most people that attached a separate chart did it simply to allow a chance to explain and elaborate on a few of their activities in a way that can't be captured in the small chart on the Common Application.</p>

<p>so, did anyone else use the additional info section to explain ecs?</p>

<p>nope. i wanted to type it. i hand wrote the application so...</p>

<p>pgsis, I asked my rep if I should do that, and she told me she'd prefer if everything were in the format of the common app activities list, so i made a replica of the box and made the last box as big as I needed it to be</p>

<p>my extra one os also like a replica of the box on the common app...</p>

<p>Mine was too.</p>

<p>mine was, too. I just recreated the table using a Word processor and expanded on my activities.</p>

<p>yep- ditto.. i think that's the only way they won't hate you for adding extra pages.. and it was also recommended to me not to go over at an absolute max 2 pages for the resume.</p>

<p>yeah "ME TOO" lol
the only reason I expanded my activites because I couldn;t fit my awards in the box, but naturally I added to my activities too. I also needed more room for the academic honors so I added a page for that.</p>

<p>Yep, I did the same thing as you guys did. I wrote a bare-bones version of my activities on the common app and then expanded upon that in my attached list.</p>