Attaching stuff with my counselor? What do you think?

<p>Hi guys,</p>

<p>Q1) I want my counselor to include an additional letter explaining my current situation (in addition to me personally explaining it on my app where I can), how my current school runs (i.e. fixed classes, you dont get to choose anything, no IB, no AP, no honors, "group" style like back in elementary/junior high), how my old school runs (My old school is not willing to disclose information due to privacy issues and redtape...I no longer live in that province, or country for that matter, so its a risk for them and the Ministry of Education...THEY MIGHT be able to fax them though...I highly doubt them faxing my transcripts to 14 diff. schools) , is that a wise idea or would the adcoms frown upon that (i.e. keep it to what the common app asks for)? </p>

<p>Q2) Also, I want to include letters of reccomendation from former teachers at my old school (I live all the way on the other side of the world now, so I cant ask them to reprint it or send teacher evaluations,some retired even), very well written letters . </p>

<p>Can I photocopy them (2-3 of them) and ask the counselor to attach them to his papers (he will attach the letter mentioned above^)? He will also mention how well written these reccomendations are and how disappointing it would be if no one will look at it as a measure to judge my character and fine qualities (in addition to the ones from the Teacher Evaluation forms).</p>

<p>Thanks for your time!</p>

<p>regarding the letters, it even has the City's education board letterhead, and the teacher's contact information at the bottom... I highly doubt that they will look at it with suspicion.</p>

<li>Yes, tell her to include it if she can.</li>
<li>I dont understand what youre asking, if you can get copies why cant they mail them to your school? Why would your counselor read them??</li>

<p>I have the letters WITH me, 2 letters from grade 9 (older school), 4 letters from grade 10 (old school). One or two of them even have 3 sealed copies as I requested (one was sent to this very school that I am currently enrolled in). </p>

<p>Should I include my grade 9 (English teacher) letter? Its really beautiful and really not "run of the mill" type, emphasizing my strength with nice imagery. I keep them all in a safe! But I dont think the adcoms would appreciate it since its old (2 years).</p>

<p>2 others are one from a socials teacher (grade 10) and one from a Financial Management teacher (I know it doesn't sound academic, but we had actual tests, read from actual textbooks, and the exercises are pretty much all in its considered academic, I presume?).</p>

<p>My question was if the Ivy admissions would frown upon this as "barraging" them with papers. Its only going to be 2 or possibly 3 more letters (in addition to the 2 Teacher Evaluations ), would it hurt?</p>

<p>To remphasize; NO, they (the extra letters) will NOT be used instead of my regular teacher evaluations. Those will go normally.</p>

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