attempt to contact upenn about interview?

<p>Hi, </p>

<p>Recently, an interviewer contacted me but since S wasn't there I told her S will call her back. S called back within minutes back but no one answered. He called back like 10x more and still no response. Should we contact Upenn about finding another way to contact the interviewer although Upenn specifically states not to contact for interviews? I'd feel horrible if I ruined S' one shot for interview. </p>


<p>I do contacts via email to avoid this kind of thing, and I also make sure to email at least twice, once more if I do not get an answer in a week.</p>

<p>Considering the age of many of the alumni interviewers, it's possible something happened. I would say that your son should contact his guidance counselor, and see if he can contact Penn about it. Since the first contact was made, this should not be looked upon negatively.</p>

<p>There is still time, interviews are being done up until the end of this month.</p>