Atten 2011 Medical Turnbacks - the letter arrived today

<p>as we had all been expecting. Large brown envelope dated March 8th - paperwork needs to be returned by April 15th. Basic form asking YES, I plan to return or NO, resign me. Asks to update your contact information, etc. Mentions that turnbacks will need to go thru a medical exam upon return…guess that’s to be expected, huh?! :)</p>

<p>Here’s hoping that all the 2011 MT’s will be able to return on June 26th. We’re still in a wait and see mode here while the orthotics try to do thier job (it’s only been a week with 'em, might take 3 - 4 to see results). Keep your fingers crossed.</p>


<p>PS: BTW - unfortunately, and don’t forget, returning MT cadets are obligated to buy thier own airfares’ back to USAFA. Guess Uncle Sam feels that they already bought them one plane ride out there originally… :(</p>

<p>We don't have to do a DoDMERB all over again do we? The first one was bad enough (paperwork nightmare). I guess I'll get all my questions answered once I get my packet.</p>

<p>I really hope those orthotics work!</p>

<p>DKnightFam - Have been thinking of all of you and hoping to hear from you that THE envelope came!</p>

<p>I know you all were waiting for the envelope and we know it has been hard on your son (and his wonderful support family as well) and we are all pulling for him and wishing him the very best. </p>

<p>Same for all the other medical turnbacks. Our best.</p>

<p>Phlaem - I think the only DODMERB thing we'd have to do is notify them IF your condition has changed in some fashion, i.e. if you are now color blind, etc. The orthotics thing might be a reason to notify them since that was a yes/no question on the original DODMERB questionaire....and if you now have them prescribed to you, etc etc</p>

<p>Are you also using them?</p>

<p>BTW - the forms don't say anything about DODMERB, only that there will be a medical exam upon entry, i.e. BCT day you'll get pulled out of line for a checkup I expect.</p>

<p>No, I haven't been using orthotics. I was starting off slow and with short distances again to get my legs strengthened, I had terrible running form. I'm doing about 3 miles every time I go for a run now and am not feeling any pain (unless I skip a few days and start again, then I feel some good ol' fashioned muscle soreness). I wanna work my distance up to 6 miles at least, probably more. I'm determined that this time around I'll have little difficulty with those 5 A.M. runs. I'm still pretty sure I couldn't keep up with General Desjardins...</p>

<p>Oh, and lots of stretching too...</p>

<p>Hopefully our son's envelope will arrive today! We'll let you know. He's looking forward to seeing your son next week, Dknightfam. Hang in there MTs its only a little over three months to go after a long and emotionally draining year!</p>

<p>March 16th - Still waiting in Texas!! Son is mellow, mom is freaking!</p>

<p>There's a whole group of us pulling for the 2011 MT's out here.</p>

<p>No need to freak Soaringhi Mom - it's just basic AFA paperwork and he's got till April 15th to return it. Look forward to your road trip instead! BTW - Guest room is ready on this end for your boy while you're away. :)</p>

<p>Holding out prayers for both Eagle Eights ;)</p>

<p>You'll have one EMT keeping an eye on that boy this time around. ;)</p>

<p>His letter arrived today, March 17th. How about you phlaem?</p>

<p>Nothing yet...</p>

<p>re the EMT comment - you get your cert Hornet? If so, congrats. All the turnbacks will be looking to you for ways to avoid a second flight home!</p>

<p>I've had it since December. ;)</p>

<p>I finally got the packet today, I thought it would be thicker.</p>