Attendance question!

<p>Okay so freshman year I missed a lot of days of school, all excused, and most me sick and EXCUSED in the nurses office. But a full day sick that school counted as a seperates absence for each period, so it looks like a lot.
This year, I'm trying to miss school less but I have been sick a lot and missed 3 days already and 9th period twice since I was sick. All were excused.
my point is, do colleges care about attendance?? I have a good gpa and ec's and I think it would be stupid for that to cost me an acceptance since the absences aren't effecting my grades. So overall, how much does attendance matter? Especially in sophomore and freshman years, and do colleges really look at it?</p>

<p>I mean, it obviously matters if you missed half a quarter or something like that.</p>

<p>Your school likely doesn’t really count each period absence as a daily absence, even though it might show as that. My mom nearly had a heart attack last year when she looked at my ‘absences’, which were marked for each class and added up to 10 or so, even though I never actually missed a day of school (and no, I never intentionally cut a class either).</p>

<p>And even if it does, you’ve missed what, 5 days of school? Yeah…not a huge deal. If you missed 5 months, maybe you should talk to someone about that.</p>

<p>It wont matter unless it matters to the highschool to the point where you wont get credits for the class because of missed days. I believe in high school you need about 80% attendance minimum to receive credits for the class no matter how good your doing in them</p>

<p>Don’t get on contract or fail due to absences.</p>

<p>I don<code>t know what you school</code>s attendance policies are, but not showing up for the majority of school, no matter the reasons, result in failing certain or all classes. You said that you have good grades, so I<code>m guessing your school doesn</code>t have a policy like this, but you should check with you GC to be sure, and ask this question, as you`ll get the best answer there.</p>

<p>LOL, at my school, if you’re absent for four days in a quarter - unless there is a serious excuse (like a major surgery) - you fail all of your classes, regardless of what your grade was in it prior. It’s awful. (But effective, I guess.) </p>

<p>But to answer your question - I don’t think it matters unless it’s somehow effecting your grades or you actually graduating from school.</p>

<p>Okay thanks everyone, I feel better about this now since lately all I’ve been getting is “wow you missed a lot of school last year…”
The school I’m at now doesn’t have any kind of strict policy that I’m aware of. It’s basically just that they call home if you have une cursed absences and don’t do anything if it’s excused. Maybe if you miss months d school, but as far as I know I haven’t heard of anyone failing any class due to attendance.</p>

<p>My school has no such thing as an excused absence- you get 4 absent days per quarter, and after that you get half a point off your GPA of each additional day.
Their annoying policy is that if you miss either first period or last period you’re counted as absent for the day- you can show up but you’re not recorded as present. So when I went to my cousin’s brit (you don’t necessarily want to know what this is) and missed three periods, I was counted as absent. It was quite frustrating.
You are VERY lucky, btw, that you’re not penalized for lateness.</p>

<p>What if it’s an emergency or you’re like dying?</p>

<p>No exceptions in my school unless (like happened today) someone collapses in school and goes to the hospital or something. (This time it was a peanut allergy.)
The school figures that four days a quarter is very adequate. The days from first quarter carry over into second quarter, and third to fourth, but not second to third.
My friend had mono in 9th grade and the school worked something out, because she missed six weeks of school. But that’s not a pardon, that’s more of a plea bargain :).</p>

<p>Is the kid all right who had to go to the hospital?</p>

<p>(My little brother`s allergic to peanuts, so I always zero in on something like that :))</p>

<p>Total Absences: 1 full day. </p>

<p>2 from APUSH.
1 from Lang & Comp
1 from Comp. Repair
0 from AP Chem</p>

<p>3 from office apps.
2 from pre-calc
2 from chorus
1 from AP chem/study hall</p>

<p>Total Present: 38
Tardy: 5 </p>

<p>1st Q hasn’t ended yet, and I’m doing much better than last year (which was better than frosh year… 42 tardies in 1 semester). I just don’t like getting out of bed. I don’t remember my school’s absence policy, though. Not very strict, I guess, since I’ve never been punished.</p>

<p>Unless your school does their own thing, absences don’t show on your transcript. Unless your GC saw a reason to mention it, there’s no reason for colleges to know.</p>

<p>Some schools have absence policies, others do not. If you are out for medical reasons, no matter how strict the policy, it can be waived - and in many cases must be waived, and the school might even be required to provide a tutor. These types of policies are meant to deal with students who cut classes, not those with medical or other reasonable excuses. Our school system has such a policy - a set number of times a given class can be missed before credit is lost. But even if you reach those targets, there is an automatic appeal process, where they ask for proof for excused absences - if they sent you home, there’s it’s obviously excused. If you were in the hospital, or had a court date… direct relative’s funeral…</p>