Attending an underperforming high school

Hello. I was wondering if colleges will go ‘easier’ if you go to an underperforming high school. Or, will they just not take it into consideration? The school I attend has an average of a 14 act composite score. We only have 5 AP classes and I have taken them all. I am currently a senior at the top of my class and have a 4.0 unweighted GPA. My ACT score came out to be a 27. Will I have any shot into LSA if I apply early action? I have also taken 5 dual enrollment courses so far.

I am talking about the University of Michigan LSA.

First of all, a college won’t hold you responsible for the not so great stats of your school. They will judge you in the context of your school. It seems that you have taken all of the possible opportunities that your school has to offer you.

I agree. If you are the top student of an under performing school, it may actually help. You may apply EA to UMich LSA as they would only defer you if not accepted. You should plan for improving your ACT score by a couple points. Your course rigor and GPA are good and they are slightly more important than the test score.

@billcsho I retook the ACT just yesterday and I am sure it will be around a 31. Will they wait until they get this new score if I apply early action? Or will they just base their decision on my previous ACT score?

Have you submitted your old score? If you get your EA application completed with former score received by deadline and you submit the October score by the free report or pre-order, they will consider the new score if arrived by application review. If you have not yet submit the CommonApp, make a remark on the additional information box that you are submitting October score.