Attending campus events during a college visit

When you visited schools, did you have the chance to attend any campus events?

Sporting event
Play/Musical performance

How did it help you get a feel for the campus scene?

We didn’t with 2 kids but did try for football games but didn’t work out. Our kids did have meetings with professors and head of departments to ask questions and get more information. This was invaluable and something you can use in your essay. That’s a strong hint.

My daughter was going into theater design so she did see some plays to access. But I also think you can get a wrong impression. What if that one event just sucked. Would that give a fair evaluation of the entire school?We did stop some students at some schools to ask a few quick questions like “why this school”… Those were pretty honest answers.

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Oh, I DEFINITELY would want to see classes/departments of interest. I was also interested in the social life of students.

D20 had 2 favorites on her list, both a couple of hours from home. In order to make a decision about which to apply to ED, we made multiple visits to each one including attending football games. Neither were heavily attended by students but it gave her opportunity to see what a “typical” Saturday was like (where students hung out, the amount of students who were out and about, etc) as opposed to the big, planned open house type of events.

If you have to travel a bigger distance, check out the events calendars and see if you can pick a day where there are a few different things happening. I would try and avoid any parents/family/homecoming weekends because that can interfere with what is “real”.

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