Attending during fall as a spring admit, what are the options?

<p>Hey everyone,
I've been trying to get info from the school on this for days, but it's damn near impossible to get anyone on the phone and once you do it seems equally difficult to get a real answer. I've been admitted for spring as a transfer student, but I'm moving up from SoCal in the fall. It just works out better with my job and the leases on the homes I'm looking at. Now my question is if they deny my appeal to be moved to a fall admit... what are my options for taking classes in the fall? I know UCLA down here allowed me to take one class per quarter as a visiting student but Berkeley doesn't seem to offer that. Community colleges up there are out I assume since I'm already at the 70 unit cap. Extension is confusing but it appears to be an option. Am I missing anything? What's my best option here?</p>

<p>Extension is your only option, though they are very expensive, because they charge by the unit.</p>

<p>What is your major?</p>

<p>Political science. I'd be happy with just six or eight units. How expensive is expensive?</p>

<p>Look at the summer session unit costs, I believe extension costs somewhere in that range.</p>

<p>Hmm... well if that's correct it'll run me something in the neighborhood of three grand for eight units. And it appears you can't get financial aid for extension. Ouch. Well, I guess it's better than losing out on the semester.</p>