Attending New College of Florida in the Fall

Hey, so, I just want to get to know people who’ll also be New College of Florida freshmen in the fall. Talk and stuff. Also, if current students are reading this, why is the food so hated at New College? Is it something specific? I’m hoping I have a really unique taste in food (which I might), so I can enjoy whatever’s being dished out at New College. Also, is it difficult living in ESA housing as a first year? Like, are you disconnected from the community, or is it no big deal? Thanks.


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Have you joined any NCF student groups on social media? They would probably be more helpful. My son goes there, and is pretty happy, but the meal plan and other petty complaints regarding housing, are chronic. It is such a small college that it receives very little attention here on CC.

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Not much action here for NCF. My D is going to visit and has been accepted. I have read every post on here about NCF. Anybody out there that has been there for a visit or attending? Housing info, social life, clubs, anything please…

I’ve answered some earlier posts. My son is finishing up his third year at NCF, and couldn’t be happier. My husband and I are strongly considering moving to Sarasota from NJ, because we’ve enjoyed our visits there so much. There’s a lot going on in Sarasota, and Tampa/St. Pete area is only an hour away. I think NCF is one of the most underrated, underappreciated gems in the country. It is the perfect college for students who want a small, progressive, liberal arts college, without the harsh northern winters.

Hi woogzmama. We moved from a small mountain town in California to Sarasota when our two daughters were in high school, to get in-state tuition for NCF. Now they’re both there (rising 3rd year and rising 2nd year) and just love it, and we love Sarasota. It’s just the right size, and near-the-beach living is still amazingly affordable. It has tons of arts/culture events, fantastic wildlife, and has never taken a direct hit from a hurricane–oh and no income tax. It certainly penciled out for us. If we want snow we’ll go visit our relatives in Maine for a week–then fly home and put our shorts on. Keep thinking about it!

Everyone still happy at NCF?? We live in Sarasota and although my S was accepted into UF, FSU, USF Tampa and FIU he is leaning heavily toward NCF - and they have offered him a full ride (new policy for FL residents who graduate top ten percent!)