Attention deficit disorder impact on GPA


During my high school, I have always reached medium to good grades (my average is 8,5/10, while the highest mark in my school is 9,1/10). However, in the beginning of this year, I found out that I have attention deficit disorder. According to my hs counselor, if I had taken medication since the beginning of high school, as some friends of mine (legally) did, I would probably reach higher marks. Do universities take this in consideration while analyzing my GPA? Is important mentioning that I am going to apply for highly selective colleges, such as Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, UC Berkeley, Georgetown, UPenn, and others.

Thank you

It seems a little late to be taken into consideration as we’re only about a month away from final RD decisions. While I’m sorry you were diagnosed this late, it’s kind of a what-if situation. I’d say the best you could do is email the admissions reps at these colleges with the new information–but only if it’s been medically collaborated as your guidance counselor’s advice is not reliable enough.

Update: sorry I think I misinterpreted this as if you’d already applied – you can definitely add this in the other information section of the CommonApp and it’ll be taken into consideration.

They might take it into consideration. I would talk to your guidance counselor about this and see if he/she would mention anything about it to colleges.

Some have said that if you start taking meds and ur grades go up, then u can mention it and use the higher, post-med grades as evidence. But some kids take meds and it improves their focus, but the grades don’t necessarily go up because there are other issues such as executive function difficulties. So u do not know for sure if ur past grades would have been higher until u actually start taking the med.

I doubt it would improve your chances of admission at the types of colleges you are applying to. You could ask your Guidance Counselor to mention it in their recommendation, I guess.