Attention IIT Students: Do I have a chance? Here are my stats...

<p>Please give this thread a look and offer any insight you can. My grades haven't shown any improvement throughout highschool (my junior year grades were actually the worst). I go to a fairly competitive school, so my class rank is complete crap. However, I took the ACTs and did fairly well with a 31.</p>

<p>For ECs, I was in "Youth and Government" sophomore and junior year, played tennis through our park district through all 3 years (but not from school), I was part of the Principal's Advisory Committee, in which me and about 30 other people in my lunch period would meet with the principal each month and talk about things which need to be dealt with at our school (such as garbage on the floor, school lunches, etc.). I'm also part of a youth committee at a cultural (Indian) association, where I basically just find things for the kids to do or help host children's events (this doesn't have any affiliation with my school). Also, I've been volunteering at a hospital once a week since sophomore year (hopefully I can get 50 hours by the time I send my applications).</p>

<p>I'm looking for colleges in the Midwest, and live in Illinois. The closer the better. I'm probably going to end up going into Computer Engineering, but I'm not 100% sure yet so I'll probably go in undecided or under LAS.</p>

<p>To clear up any confusion, I failed honors pre-calculus during the school year 2nd semester, so I'm taking 2nd semester (regular precalc) over the summer again.The GPA is on a 4.0 scale for regular classes, and on a 5.0 scale for honors/AP classes...</p>

<p>Freshman Year:
Sem 1:
Comp Apps 1: B
Hon Eng 1: D
Spanish 1: C
Hon Geometry: C
Gym: B
Hon Biology: B
Honors World History: C</p>

<p>Sem 2
Notetaking: C
Hon Eng 1: D
Spanish 1: B
Hon Geometry: D
Gym: B
Hon Biology: C-
Honors World History: D</p>

<p>Summer School
Alg 2 trig Semester 1: B
Alg 2 trig Semester 2: C</p>

<p>Freshman Year GPA: 2.63</p>

<p>Sophomore Year:
Sem 1
English II: B
Spanish II: C
Honors Alg II Trig: C
Health: B
Honors Chem: D
American History: C</p>

<p>Sem 2
Eng II: B
Creative Writing: A
Spanish II: B
Honors Alg II Trig: C
Gym: A
Honors Chem: C
American History: B</p>

<p>Summer School
Government: A
Economics: A</p>

<p>Cumalitive GPA after 10th Grade: 2.88</p>

<p>Junior Year:
Sem 1
AP English III: C
Spanish III: C
Honors Pre-calculus: C
Gym: A
AP Chemistry: D
Honors Physics: C
Psychology: B</p>

<p>Sem 2
Gym: A
Honors Pre-Calculus: F
Spanish III: D
AP Chemistry: D
Honors Physics: C
AP Psychology: D</p>

<p>Junior year GPA: 2.00
Cumulative GPA after Junior Year: 2.739</p>

<p>This Summer:
Graphic Arts: A
Pre-calculus: A (probably)</p>

<p>I don't know what my Cumilative GPA will be after these summer classes, but I'll probably end up with a 2.74 as my final GPA when I start applying.</p>

<p>ANY comments, words of advice, criticism, suggestions, and so forth are welcome. THANK YOU!</p>



<p>I'm an IIT student. The IIT forum hardly ever has messages, so I don't come around here too often.</p>

<p>IIT has exactly one admissions requirement: a 24 on the ACT (or equivalent SAT). If you have that (which you do), you're in. The school accepts 60% of students that apply - I guess the ones that didn't get in just didn't read the admissions requirement. Staying in is a lot harder, as IIT is a difficult school even for very motivated students (and the great city of Chicago can be distracting...). IIT has the best Power Engineering faculty in the US, and other parts of the CPE department are good too, but they demand a lot.</p>

<p>95-99% of incoming IIT students get scholarships of some sort. Your GPA is pretty low for incoming students to IIT, but since your ACT is above 29, you will get the Heald scholarship (12,000/year) and then get invited for Camras interview weekend. Camras scholarships are hard to get, but try it - who knows...</p>

<p>Wow, very informative and helpful, thanks a lot laldm!</p>

<p>when the interview for camras scholarship ususally starts?</p>

<p>camras is from feb 11-13. Any suggestions on how to approach the interview?</p>

<p>Think of it much less like an interview and more like a discussion. They'll ask about you and what you like to do, and some about your essays. Main thing to remember is that this scholarship is for leadership, they'll ask you about your leadership skills and methods.</p>