Attention Preppy people that wear preppy clothes.

<p>Lord, why does it matter? You say that it shouldn't matter what people wear, so why are you bashing a bunch of brands that many people [myself included] like and wear? Is my sense of style less valid than your own? I happen to like the preppy style. No one should force themselves into it and I think individuality trumps whatever anyone else thinks you should look like. I LIKE the preppy look- so I buy clothes accordingly, and bands like J. Crew have the nicest [imo] examples of that style- and are also consistently well made. I certainly don't care about what you wear, so why do you care what I do?</p>

<p>In my experience, it's an expensive house-type building furnished with antiques and full of elderly to middle-aged members who occasionally bring along their yuppie children and ask how you like school and what you want to be when you grow up, to which I have learned the right answer can stop all conversation and make them leave you alone. My personal answer to the question of, "What do you want to be when you grow up, Miss?" is, "Sexual therapist." </p>

<p>However, yacht clubs are basically country clubs on the water-only a bit worse. Did you know that most people who own yachts actually don't know how to sail them? My family is apparently highly regarded at a certain yacht club because my dad, grandpa, and all the men before him were great at sailing other people's boats.</p>

<p>@ facbrat lol.</p>

<p>@ inxy. seriously? i mean come on there are so many brand names u put down that it would be near impossible for some people to not wear all of them at once. cc is starting to lose its authenticity.
@ issy. girl you have got ur head screwed on right!</p>

<p>Isn't it funny that people who don't wear brand names may care more about brands than those who do wear? I mean, most of times I can't tell what brand someone's clothes are. I (and many people) choose those brands simply for the sake of convenience/quality/style, not like I try to show off yatch club or anything (hell no!) I'm sure many people can't tell if I'm wearing brand or not (I don't choose those with letter/symbol), so who cares, it's all personal.</p>

<p>"but some of the kids on here need to grow up a little, when someone starts talking about race, don't get all extra defensive, especiallly when it wasnt offensive. But anyway. I've expressed my point and I'm not taking it back. "</p>

<p>don't worry, this is nothing. You haven't met Prepvet haha. Not only kids but adults can be super immature too. Anyway, it's Internet and there will be many kids who prefer J.Crew etc. it's no use to argue</p>

<p>i totes second that. and besides the fact is that i dont think any of us were getting extra defensive, since what does racism CURRENTLY have to do with clothing choice lol :)</p>

<p>@"You haven't met Prepvet haha."</p>


<p>do any of u oldies remember xAAAx? i wanna go looking for him again. that is LOL ROTL</p>

<p>^ hahaha we are hilariously off-topic, AGAIN. this happens too often..</p>

<p>i can't believe no one mentioned aritzia here, that's like our regional uniform.. maybe it's just a canadian thing, though?
oh, and i've legit heard of only half the brands that you just mentioned. and i'm pretty sure they don't sell ANY of those, except Tommy Hilfiger and North Face, within 50 km of where i live !!</p>

<p>off topic: i heard that americans haven't heard of tim hortons. seriously???</p>

<p>idk what aritzia or tim hortons is ...enlighten us</p>

<p>hey I just checked out Aritzia, it looks pretty good. But they don't have online order do they? :(</p>

<p>I (actually my parents :D) used to order clothes from boutiques in Italy/Korea. I just randomly found them through friends. They are cheaper than American brands and have good online service too. Really I didn't know half of the brands in that list either, but I checked them out and some look good. That's what it's all about, I appreciate Internet and people who share info. Who can tell if I'm wearing AE or Aussie brand or Walmart discount just by look?!? (yes I wear all of them) It's all very personal and shouldn't be subject to criticism</p>

<p>@candidate: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>haha divealive, aritzia doesn't exist in the u.s., and tim horton's is scarce. A lot of the stores are more New England and don't even have locations in the U.S. You live in Vancouver, right? I just moved to Calgary (i go to middlesex, and i'm from New Orleans). We're actually passing through Vancouver late August on a road trip!</p>

<p>SHUSH! i don't live in vancouver.. i live in um... iceland.. :$ we're a canadian territory, y'know..
boardingschool, you think aritzia's fine now, but when everyone starts wearing it (and by everyone, i mean 9 year olds), then it starts getting a lil disturbing.
and that's amazing, i would perish without tim hortons. poor americans!</p>

<p>@ izzy: calgary's cool (literally, i would freeze to death in the winter). hahaha, new orleans... hot.. calgary.. frostbite. fun??
vancouver's great, you'll have so much fun!! when you're in vancouver, you have to try ocean kayaking. it's actually the funnest (...) activity ever! i would change my username to OceanKayakingAlive but that doesn't rhyme. also, try bubble tea if you haven't already :) i swear, in vancouver there's more bubble tea cafes than actual cafes..
you should wear a middlesex teeshirt, so if i see you i'll start waving! if you see a crazy kid waving with bracelets all over her left arm, that's me!</p>

<p>EDIT: this is ridiculously off-topic, so... my apologies to the OP. eheh.</p>

<p>Locations</a> | Aritzia
Aritzia actually has several stores in US!
And how expensive is your cellphone? I don't think American service is expensive, but it's not cheap either. Like, if u use smartphones (most people do now) the price is higher</p>

<p>I love bubble tea! next time any nof u r in harvard square try some!</p>

<p>I love bubble tea! next time any of u r in harvard square try some!</p>

<p>Haha will do rad. Meh, Calgary's fine- keep in mind that we lived in Edmonton for the last year and a half, so it's actually comparatively WARM. I still miss nola though, even with the heat and bugs and humidity, GOD. Ah well, I'm in Concord most of the time now, so I have rainy falls/springs, four seasons, mild humidity, and generally unpredictable [though the weathermen try...] weather. No hurricanes, and the sun sets and rises at a reasonable time and it is never below about 10˚.</p>

<p>define brand name? what's not a brand name?</p>

<p>hey rad en cuadros, wouldn't it be creepy if we saw each other in harvard square and didn't notice....</p>

<p>is it just me or are this year's newbies extremely arrogant?</p>

<p>Applicant + Arrogance = BS Rejection. (Pulsar's Law).</p>