Attention Preppy people that wear preppy clothes.

<p>I have a huge question. Now is it only the internationals that feel they must wear name brand or is it most people at boarding school. Because I never...ever...ever.ever.ever.ever.ever.ever.ever. Will wear these brands :
Polo Ralph Lauren
Brooks Brothers
Vineyard Vines
Rainbow Sandals
North Face
Vera Bradley<br>
L.L. Bean
J. Crew P
Lilly Pulitzer P
Rockport P
Nautica D
Dockers D
Lacoste P
Tommy Hilfiger D
J. McLaughlin D/P
Patagonia P
Marmot P</p>

<p>And 90% of them I never heard of( I copy and pasted off of THE OFFICIAL GUIDE TO PREP ATTIRE)</p>

<p>I mean please tell me, why do you guys look at brands. I have NO name brand clothes, why? Well because there is no difference...UNLESS you are going to American Apparel or H&m, they have high quality fabrics. I mean the only name brand clothes I have but barely wear are aero, hollisterm and abercrombie. And I barely where them because there expensive, for no earthly reason. They don't have quality clothes because I put them in the washer, on cold, by thereselves, and they ripped!
So does anyone wear name brand on here?</p>

<p>Which school are you going to.....</p>

<p>You may find yourself saying that you won't wear these brands now
But you most likely own some articles of clothing from these brands after your
first year at your respective school. I have a bunch of clothes from these fine
retailers. And let me tell you (since you mentioned the quality of the garment)
Are 10 times nicer than AE or abercrombie. I mostly wear these clothes because
All of my family wears preppy clothes.</p>

<p>Be an individual. Stick it to the (preppy) man! I threw out/donated all my polos and khakis before I started prep school, and trust me, I get way more positive attention for not wearing these brands than I ever would if I wore them. A person worth knowing won't care what you wear, but wants to know who you are inside. Cheesy, but true.</p>

I've hated these brands all my life, why, because they original makers are kind of.....racist. ie Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger.
I stick to clothes that I think are cute. I don't focus on brands. Its a waste of money.
As long as I have clothes on my back, I am fine</p>

<p>racist, how ?? :S</p>

<p>closed minded much........</p>

<p>There's not much to argue about, is it? I mean it's just personal choice. To answer your question: many people do and many don't wear those brands :) Some (like you) think it's a waste of money, some don't think so.
For the other question "please tell me, why do you guys look at brands" --> some of the brands consistently have good fabric and appropriate or cute style. At Target, Ross, or Walmart, I occasionally find things that I like, while at J.Crew, for example, I like 90% of their clothes. So buying from J.Crew saves me time. I mean probably the contributors of that list don't think (at all) that they have to wear brand name to show off status etc. The list merely suggests the brands that many prep kids consider as consistently having good quality/style.</p>

<p>i dress kinda preppy, but just b/c i like it.
and you can dress preppy w/o wearing any of those brands.
most of the time, it's just convenient. the preppy look is clean, classic, and in dress code.
you'll find so many different ppl at boarding school, that it will not matter what you wear.</p>

<p>I reallllyyy serriouslyyy don't get why people give a damn about what brand of clothes other people wear! Can't you just wear decent clothes that you feel comfortable in instead of forcing yourself to conform to the "preppy" stereotype?</p>

<p>your a guy. girls tend to feel differently.</p>

<p>Racist yes(read about it and look it up on google its really old)
But anywho.
Its not just a girl thing. Its just people that are closeminded and think that those brands are better. Now if you have a lot of money go for it, but if you don't, you shouldn't tryy to be something your not. </p>

<p>Me Opinion</p>

<p>i highly doubt that the brands are racist NOW. i mean seriously dont base the clothes on racism? i dont even understand how that is. isnt it somewhat close minded to totally be against a HUGE number of brands?</p>

<p>im a guy </p>

<p>i dont really care how i look the vast majority of the time but i hate when people hate on what me and some many other people wear. if you dont like how i dress then dont talk to me, fine i dont care. i dont care about what brand it is, it is just that those brands are the ones that make preppy clothes that people like.</p>

<p>i understand that people might not like the clothes to wear, but i dont really understand the basis or racism. i mean where did that come from?...</p>

<p>i have absolutely no idea

<p>I just hate them because they make me look like a WASP who enjoys attending brunch at the country club followed by 18 holes of golf. I cannot express my hatred of golf and country clubs in words. </p>

<p>Also, the quality of these stores is pretty good, but way overpriced. These garments were made in a sweatshop in Asia, just like almost every other piece of clothing under $200, so really, they should be selling their clothes for no more than $50-45, and even then they would make a profit. I can find things that are much more suited to my style and price range in places like H&M and Forever21, and no one at my school has ever bothered me about it. It's matter of personal tastes for me.</p>

<p>One of the superlatives at my school is 'most likely to end up in GQ (boys)/Vogue (girls)' and the girls who win are always the ones who have their own style, not a pastel uniform.</p>

<p>i've never been to a country club. what do you guys do there, compare your yachts??</p>

<p>lol that would be at a yacht club :P</p>

<p>Tommy</a> Hilfiger Racism Rumor. Status: False.</p>

<p>Timberland</a> and Maya Angelou (including lines about Ralph Lauren). Status: False.</p>

<p>I don't know if the OP is referring to these stories, because a specific accusation was not made, but enough people bring them up as fact that I wanted to make sure to address it.</p>

<p>I have to admit, I looked it up. Some said he was and some said he wasnt. but the one that said he wasnt, Oprah, I will listen to. However, that still doesnt make me like them. And I don't know where you guys are getting that I don't like people who wear it. I never said that. I just don't like the brands. </p>

<p>But, If i see a person wearing these brands and nothing else, like I have seen, then that tells a lot on who that person is. But don't get all mean and defensive about it, its my opinion, if you don't like it, i still don't care. But don't get all touchy ichy when i say there are racist, its what I heard years ago, About him not wanting non whites to where his clothes. That includes asian, hispanics, and blacks.
but some of the kids on here need to grow up a little, when someone starts talking about race, don't get all extra defensive, especiallly when it wasnt offensive. But anyway. I've expressed my point and I'm not taking it back.</p>