ATTN: accounting MINORS

<p>Is it difficult to do a minor in accounting? what is the actual process?(prereqs?) im still at a ccc right now and applied for the falll 05 quarter. I've already taken a few business related courses at my cc. such as, econ 1&2, intro to business, acct. 1,2,3.... would those classes be able to gain credits towards the accounting minor? they are uc transferable by the way.</p>

<p>Hi, here is the link that has information about the accounting minor:</p>

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<p>I don't know about how prereqs work for transfer students and which CC class fulfill what prereqs and etc., so I recommend you talk to one of the counselors here or at your CC. All the prereqs for the BizEcon major and the accounting minor overlap, and about half the upper divs overlap also, so if you transferred into the bizecon major you most likely can get into the accounting minor as well. One thing they do say is that applications are only accepted once a year in the Fall, so be aware of that I guess.</p>

<p>i was looking over the site and im afraid that i wont be able to get into the minor because i did pretty bad in econ 1 and 2. i guess the initial question boils down to my fear in job opportunities prior to graduating. being that i am a sociology major i'm given less opportunities in the business field. from what i hear its soley based on experience. ie internships, past experiences. but these days it seems almost impossible to land solid internships. i know i should stop worrying and start doing, but its sort of in my nature to fear failure.</p>