Attn. EA'ers

<p>Okay, maybe I'm freaking out, but is EVERYONE done with their EA apps? Isn't the postmark date Nov. 1? Because I haven't even finished my essays yet... Good God, I haven't missed it, have I?</p>

<p>Also, since I am shooting for Nov. 1 for turning in my app., will there be enough time for me to have an interview, or should I go ahead and call up the admissions office and schedule one ASAP?</p>

<p>ya i need help with the interview thingy too</p>

<p>You don't schedule interviews. After your application is complete, Harvard contacts the local alumni schools committee, and that committee schedules your interview. </p>

<p>As long as there is a willing alumus within a reasonable distance of an applicant's home, all RA and RD applicants who complete their applications will get interviews. Getting an interview is no indication of how adcoms regard your application. </p>

<p>I am an alumni interviewer and have been contacted as late as the second week of Dec. to do EA interviews. I think the timing depends on when Harvard gets the completed application and when the local alum who coordinates interviews gets around to doing so. In some cases, the local alum is very busy or is out of town when Harvard sends them the info, so the interview may not take place until Dec.</p>

<p>but then why on the harvard supplmental it asks if we've scheduled our interview yet? and it asks for a reason if we haven't yet? ?????</p>

<p>I was wondering about the supplemental entry as well. There were three choices: I have scheduled an interview, I will be having an interview, I do not want an interview. Seeing that I have no way of scheduling an interview without sending in the supplement, it is somewhat challeging to complete that portion.</p>

<p>LOL ^^^ (goshdarn 10 character minimum)</p>

<p>Okay, so Nov. 1 is the deadline for EA, right?</p>

<p>Yes, but if you want me to make you feel queasy, on the Harvard supplemental they request that if it's possible you submit your application by Oct 15. Cheers!</p>

<p>Ah. That was a stab to the heart. But...okay. Forget that, I need to focus on making November 1! LOL... I need a personal assistant so bad, I forget EVERYTHING.</p>

<p>"I have scheduled an interview, I will be having an interview, I do not want an interview. "</p>

<p>I have no clue why they give you the "I do not want an interview" option unless this year they changed the procedures about interviews.</p>

<p>I can't imagine either why any applicant wouldn't want an interview.
As for the other questions, perhaps Harvard is trying to track whether it needs to nudge the Schools Committee members into scheduling applicants for interviews.</p>

<p>I am not the head of my local schools committee. However, I do know that Harvard, not students, contact our committee head, and sends basic info (address, name, h.s., phone number e-mail) to the local committee head, who forwards the info to the alumnus who'll interview the student. The alum then calls the student to schedule the interview.</p>

<p>I was under the same impression. What should we write on the supplement?</p>

<p>notice that the interview options are for INTERNATIONAL students only (the last 3 questions are under that heading).</p>

<p>ah good call.</p>

<p>indeed. that sure eased my fears. thanks sestina</p>

<p>modestmouse-I'd send in the common app with the harvard supplement this week. Don't worry about your personal statement or any supplemental essays; just include a note saying that you're sending them later (and get them in by the Nov. 1 deadline).</p>

<p>I don't think they would accept/reject someone based on when they got their application in, but they definitely do want something in by the 15th (I sent mine in online that day, if it matters).</p>

<p>I love Modest Mouse too :D. In fact, listening to "Lonesome Crowded West" as I write this.</p>

<p>I'm doing Harvard EA, and I'm not planning on submitting my application in until close to the deadline. I will, however, submit the supplement sometime this week, and the rest of the stuff will come later. Let's revel in our procrastination together :).</p>

<p>Can it really hurt my (already slim) chances? Are they gonna be like "OMG he didn't send it in 2 weeks before it was due! Instant rejection"?</p>

<p>northstarmom- so where does the interview take place?</p>