Attn: Early Applicants

<p>are you guys attaching resumes???...i know stanford specifically says not to attach any extra stuff...does harvard not look kindly upon students who send in resumes???...please respond soon...i'm having a nervous breakdown here!</p>

<p>same question</p>

<p>I hope they do... cos I sent in a resume, and expanded on the short answer section... :/</p>

<p>No bumping, please. Moderator.</p>


<p>i'm attaching one...</p>

<p>Don't do it follow direction. They have to read 20000 apps</p>

<p>they dont care if u send one. both of my friends sent one last year and got in</p>

<p>yeah i called them this morning...they said you can attach one if you feel the need to but make it "convenient" for them to read...i guess that means don't make it 20 pages!</p>

<p>i made a one page one...its easy to read and in the same format. It just has a few extra sentences to describe my activites. They can usually get the gist of how much a student leader you are by reading your activities for about 2 minutes.</p>