[ATTN] Question about SAT Superscore 2350!!

<p>Hi, i have a few questions for you smart people out there.</p>

<p>First, i will give u a list of all my SATI scores to give you some background:</p>

<p>October - 2210 (M: 780, W: 740, CR: 690)
December - 2280 (M: 780, W: 730, CR: 770)
January - 2200 (M: 670, W: 800, CR: 730)</p>

<p>SUPERSCORE: 2350 (M: 780, W: 800, CR: 770)</p>

<p>I have two questions:</p>

<li><p>For UCs, they will take the highest sitting score, right? So they’ll take 2280?
BUT, since i scored lower on a test AFTER my 2280 (a 2200) will that affect what they think of me? In other words, will they think i got dumber or that my latest score voided my 2280?</p></li>
<li><p>For Ivies, they superscore it, meaning they will take 2350 right? But if they look closely, they will also see that my score actually dropped from December to January. Will this affect their decision in any way? Or will they just draw the highest superscore regardless of how well a student does progressively on the SAT?</p></li>

<p>Thanks for your time
(Please help as im really confused right now)</p>

<p>I'm no expert on how these things work, but I'll give what seem like the logical answers:</p>

<p>if the UCs say they'll take the highest sitting, they'll take the highest sitting. an SAT going down by a few points does not mean you're dumber, it means you might have omitted or answered wrong just a few more questions the second time around. the fluctuations are so small that they will not care.</p>

<p>the Ivies, and all other schools that take a "superscore," will take the 2350. your scores have never dropped precipitously, so really there is nothing to worry about.</p>

<p>there is really no reason to worry about these things anyway, because the test have already been taken.</p>