AU Class of 2025 -- RD DISCUSSION

Let’s get to talking about how things are going for applicants… decision issues? Nerves? Scholarship discussions? Let’s get started!

Nothing here so far. I think we will be waiting a while.

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When they will release RD admission results?

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AU typically releases RD admissions in mid-March.

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We attended a virtual information session and they said RD decisions will be released the first week of April. This is the last one that will come in for my daughter. It would be great it it would come in Mid-March. Waiting is the worst.

They just sent an email saying it will be by April 1st. I hope it’s before then and good luck everyone!

i really want to hear back about the fdds!!!

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Fingers crossed for everyone! :crossed_fingers: Does anyone know if Honors acceptance comes out at the same time? Or what the typical criteria is for acceptance into honors at AU?

Honors should come out at the same time as regular acceptance for RD. The criteria or honors is not specific, but mainly comes down to the same stuff as your regular AU application as well as your honors application essays.

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Thank you!

I really don’t know how I’m going to contain myself until AU releases decisions. There isn’t much talk on this board compared to other schools, which makes it worse for the wait, but maybe because of the later release date?

Hang in there everyone!

My D21 received an email in early Feb that said they did a pre-read of her application and were awaiting mud-year report before issuing decision. Since she’s on semester her record was submitted on 2/12… but now decisions coming on 4/1.

I haven’t seen any details on total applicant or ED results. Does anyone have details?

Also, did anyone apply to Sakura Scholars?

AU doesn’t release the breakdown of admissions until summer.

That’s normal for pre-reads when the mid-year isn’t submitted until after ED comes out.

what is a pre-read?

A pre-read is essentially a type of application read where the admissions officers evaluate an RD application with the ED round (at least for AU).

ooh. is this an indication of being accepted? How often do they do this?

so, when do people think decisions will be released?

I wonder if they’ve already notified finalists for the Frederick Douglas scholarship. Hope not. But it’s likely.

The 16th

Wait, March 16th for regular decisions?

Rumored. Nothing confirmed, so don’t take that as gospel

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