AU - How many accepted into MT Performance Track?

<p>Does anyone know how many students are accepted into American University’s MT - Performance Track? Is it specific number, like most audition based MT programs, or are they more flexible, being a BA program?</p>

<p>No one knows for sure except the admissions office at American, but according to those students in the MT program, no one has ever heard of a student being accepted by American but rejected as an MT major. However, within the program, only the most talented get cast in shows, so it can be a slog for the rest. (D, accepted as an MT major, realized that she wasn't going to be competitive, and switched majors sophomore year.) I'm not sure I really understand the admissions approach, and I question whether it's in the best interests of the students.</p>

<p>My D (current freshman) knows of one person who auditioned for MT but was admitted as Theatre Arts. But, unofficially, I think if you qualify academically, you have a strong liklihood of being admitted to MT as well.</p>

How many freshman MT majors were admitted with your daughter?</p>

<p>My D confirms there are a few that she knows of that did not get into MT, but are freshmen in Theatre Arts program or straight Theatre.. There are approx 6 MT majors that she knows off the top of her head. Also it is possible for current students to audition in the fall (and about 5 did so).</p>

<p>Hello! I'm a current junior musical theatre major at AU. I actually think there are a fair number of people who don't get admitted to the musical theatre program. Also, as our program gets more and more recognition, more people audition each year which consequently means more people are turned away. As for the program size, while I'm sure there is a cap, there definitely isn't a standard number of MTs every year. For example, my class has about 20, but other classes have fewer MTs. Also, there are a lot of theatre majors who audition and get cast in musicals. I often don't know who is straight theatre and who is an MT. We are very intermixed. If you have any more questions, let me know!</p>

<p>I am really very interested in pursuing a double major at AU (BA MT and...say...Communications). Does anyone know someone who is attempting this? Would this be a viable option (i.e. is the program very credit intensive within the major)? </p>

<p>Also, is anyone else auditioning at American this year? Does anybody know the chances of being admitted into the program? Also, if I'm not a very strong dancer (really haven't had any training), but can move and am a strong singer/actor, will I have a shot at admission? Are they more dance intensive, singing intensive, acting intensive, or equal for all three disciplines? </p>

<p>Wow. I had a lot of questions. If any one can answer any of those questions it would be greatly appreciated! Such a crazy time...</p>

<p>The MT program at AU is very flexible. The ability to double major depends on the choices you make within the major. For example, my D is choosing to take a private voice lesson and dance class every semester (only 2 semesters are required). That limits her ability to take extra classes outside her major. She is choosing to pursue a minor in history (fits with her interest in dramaturgy), rather than a double major. Check the website for a list of required classes for each major you are interested in. All degrees also require 10 Gen Ed credits, 2 semesters of writing and one math class. But you can place out of many of those with AP/IIB credits.</p>

<p>As far as admissions goes, dancing is optional at the audition. More emphasis is put on singing. I don't know if there is a limit on how many are accepted each year - it seems to vary from year to year. If they see the talent - they will accept you. Or at the very least offer a spot in Theatre Arts, which allows you to re-audition again in the fall of freshman year.</p>

<p>AU just published its stats for the 2010 freshman class. They had 20 applicants for MT and 5 were accepted. They had something like 230 applicants for straight theatre/theatre arts/theatre mgmt and about 100 accepted.</p>

<p>I know the last post is from July but for those of us waiting right now and looking at old posts, those stats don't really make sense to me. If they only accepted 5 students they might likely net a class of 0. Many applicants get accepted to more than one program, I think most schools accept double the class size they are aiming for.</p>

<p>I thought the same thing when I read that daughter and I got a good laugh over it....perhaps it was supposed to say 200 applicants and 50 accepted? Maybe some zeros were left off? I don't think it's 20 applicants with 5 accepted.
@fnp mom - did you see the post above that says "No one knows for sure except the admissions office at American, but according to those students in the MT program, no one has ever heard of a student being accepted by American but rejected as an MT major." Maybe good news is on the way :)</p>

<p>I did see that post, hopefully we'll know tomorrow!</p>

<p>@sophiestar, how was your experience as an MT major? Could you take more classes than were provided for a more intense program?</p>

<p>@kirasinger17‌ sophiestar graduated a couple of years ago, so she might not be checking this any more, but I was doing some research for one of my students today and ran into this thread. I am an AU MT Major who graduated a couple of years back. I absolutely loved the experience. You can totally take more classes than you are required to create a more intense program for yourself. With rotating theatre topics, I was able to specialize in American Women in Theatre, get a hand to hand certification in Stage Combat, and work Shakespeare texts. Those were my choices, and you could definitely pile up on the music or dance classes if that is what interests you. </p>

<p>As for the acceptance rate, the unique thing about AU’s MT and Acting programs is that students can re-audition each semester, so the numbers generally go up as students who were originally admitted as Theatre Arts take classes and re-audition, if that makes any sense. My graduating class had 20 students combined in the Musical Theatre and Acting BA. I couldn’t tell you who was what as most of the Acting students sang and took dance classes and most of the Musical Theatre students acted in straight plays.</p>

@americanmtalum Not sure if you are still on the CC but I wanted to say your post was very helpful. As one of the few schools that fit my D’s criteria, it is nice to hear good points about AU. We want BA, challenging academics, opportunity to double major and/or minor and stay near the east coast. So this seems to fit!

any updates on American? Have an audition but haven’t applied yet!