au visit

<p>We will be travelling to DC during the last week of June. Are there any current MT students who will be around on June 26? It is a Saturday so the offices will be closed, but we would love to speak to someone who knows the program if there is anybody around. Or at least any current students willing to talk about the program here?</p>

<p>I cannot say if any students will be around that late in June. My d auditioned this winter and was accepted into the program. She really feels it is a great fit for her. I know this board does not get a lot of traffic, but I sent a PM to one student who kindly responded, so maybe you could do the same. Her screen name is sophiestar.
Another posted who I think has a D attending in MommaJ.</p>

<p>In any case, do a lot of reading on the forum and each school website to flesh out the visit experience.</p>