Auburn Application Summary

My daughter has sent 4 ACT scores to Auburn. The last date (in September) is her highest score. However, on the application summary, under “Requirements” and then “SAT or ACT Test Score” it shows only 1 test score. It shows a June 2019 date under “Received” and then an April 2019 under “Notes.” I am guessing this is listing only the date of the very first score she sent in. (Meaning the first score they received was taken in April and the received the score in June.) Just want to make sure this is normal. It seems like if you only list one date, you’d list the highest score date.

If anyone else has multiple scores/dates listed on your application status summary page, or if you show only your latest and/or highest score date, please let me know! I did confirm on the phone with admissions a while back that they received her higher score, but not seeing the date listed on her application makes me nervous. Thank you!