Auburn Honors

Hey, I was recently admitted into the honors program at Auburn and was wondering for the people who have gone through it or are currently in it how hard it is and if it hs helped you in finding an internship or getting into a selective graduate school. I am currently deciding between Auburn and SMU and was just wondering if going through the honors program at Auburn would allow me to obtain the same level of internships and meet the right people as SMU would. Thanks for your time!

I’m from Dallas, TX - just curious why you are interested in SMU…it is a very different environment than Auburn. BTW, you can search this website for Auburn Honors and get info from different folks, including me…but you probably want to hear from a student, although it seems mostly parents posting here.

@threeofthree I am interested in SMU because of their sports management program as that is what I would like to major in, and I fell in love with the campus when I visited. I know they are very different and one of the things that I’m worried about going to SMU is that I love football and it doesn’t get much better than SEC football. Did you go through the Auburn honors program?

I’m a parent, my son started in the Honors program as did his roommates - all 3 are engineering students and were in marching band - study time was becoming an issue. However, he thought it was a good program and he especially liked the seminar classes - I think he would recommend it but don’t hesitate to drop it if your grades start to reflect negatively.

Congrats on your admission to the honors program. My son is currently an honors sophomore aerospace engineering major. He has enjoyed the small class sizes of the honors classes he has taken so far, but what stands out to me is the emails he receives for opportunities for honors students. For example, he is looking to gain an internship in his field this summer, and the honors college emails him with internship opportunities as well as additional scholarship opportunities as he moves along throughout his college experience. As an out of state student who didn’t know a soul when he arrived on campus, he has made a lot of friends through the honors college. Plus, the football games are a site to behold! We’re UF alum and I thought The Swamp was an imposing stadium, but you should see a home Auburn football game if you love football… @threeofthree’s son’s band’s interaction with the students and the cheerleaders and the amazing jumbo tron! Doesn’t get any better! They told us at orientation that the jumbo tron is the size of the Leaning Tower of Pisa if you lay it on its side! Crazy! Best of luck in your decision and War Eagle!