Auburn makes tuition more affordable!!

<p>An update on Auburn: The Board of Trustees announced today that in an effort to make semester tuition more affordable and help students graduate in four years, full-time students can register for any number of hours over 12 hours without paying anymore. In other words, pay for 12 take 18, if you want to. They have also reduced summer tuition costs.</p>

<p>Wire</a> Eagle - Auburn University's news wire</p>

<p>Great news!!! Thanks for sharing.
Auburn is walking the talk, as opposed to other institutions...</p>

<p>This is one of my son target schools!</p>

<p>It is so rare to hear news relating to college costs that is actually positive! Really happy that my D has chosen Auburn, and now the possibility of summer classes is a lot more palatable. Thanks for posting this, proud_mom!</p>

<p>Interestingly, many have chosen Bama over Auburn because they let you take 16 hours for one price while Auburn was only letting you take 15.</p>

<p>I do wonder if the competition for NMF's, other top students and football with UA had anything to do with this, but I don't care because my daughter will be benefiting from this change in policy.</p>

<p>After speaking to admissions, I declined my scholarships (the NMF scholarship as well as the COSAM scholarship I was being offered) because of the OOS cost of additional credit hours including summer sessions.</p>

<p>I may have given some additional consideration to Auburn if these policies had been in place.</p>

<p>Oh well!</p>

<p>joefrommiami: I bet if you are really interested you can call them up and they will readmit your scholarship offers.</p>

<p>This is indeed great news proudmom. Can we assume that the Presidential Scholarship will allow our kids to take up to 18 credits free? I was very concerned that the out of state fees for extra credits would end up being quite expensive especially if they had to go an extra sememster or two. I'm so glad you posted this!</p>

<p>I am going to assume that the Presidential Scholarship will cover any hours over 12 each of the eight semesters. Right now my daughter appears to have 15 hours going in, possibly more after tests in May and she plans to take 6 hours at our local community college summer between freshman and sophomore years. We are betting on the extra 18 hours to help her graduate in 8 semesters; possibly with a minor.</p>

<p>I thought about contacting them. I really enjoyed being up there on Scholar's Day or whatever it was called, but I've gotten comfortable with the idea that Auburn is out of the picture and I feel like I've kind of moved on. Good luck though. It seemed like a great school.</p>

<p>Does anyone know if the Presidential Scholars will now be able to take more then 15 credit hours without additional cost?</p>

<p>I looked at the new fee schedule on Auburn's website and looked at my daughter's scholarship awards amount in her Auburn Access and the part of the scholarship that covered tuition was adjusted to equal the new tuition costs that will allow students to take mare than 15 hours. So... I am going to make an educated guess that the Presidential Scholars will be able to take more than 15 hours. Auburn just gets better and better all of the time!</p>

<p>Proud Mom, your educated guess was right. I called Auburn and they confirmed that up to 18 credit hours are now covered.</p>

<p>I guess I need to ask if this is still true...?</p>