Auburn Scholarships?

<p>I read somewhere that Auburn gives high academic based scholarships similar to University of Alabama (they give full tuition for 3.5gpa, 30ACT in college of engineering)</p>

<p>I can't seem to find much, does anyone know anything about Auburn?</p>

<p>Auburn no longer gives the generous out of state scholarships that Bama does.</p>

<p>For an ACT 30, you'd only get $5k per year.</p>

<p>Auburn Charter Scholarship</p>

<pre><code>Requires a 29-30 ACT or 1290-1350 SAT score and a minimum 3.5 high school GPA for consideration.
Awarded at $20,000 over four years ($5,000 per year).

<p>Since I know from your other threads that you need at LEAST full tuition, a $5k scholarship isn't going to be enough</p>

<p>"University of Alabama (they give full tuition for 3.5gpa, 30ACT in college of engineering"</p>

<p>Just to clarify....Bama's College of Engineering gives more than'd get FREE tuition PLUS 2500 per year. The value is about $95,000. And the value of the tuition scholarship increases as tuition increases....a nice bonus. :)</p>

<p>I don't think any other school ranked as well as Bama with Engineering gives as large of a scholarship for those stats. Bama is unusually generous.</p>


<p>Oh darn :( </p>

<p>Thanks! And yeah I know I want to try to get at least full tuition, once I actually start applying it will be easier to see what schools will actually give me. </p>

<p>Until then, Roll Tide!</p>

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