Auburn stats please? Also need some advice. Thanks!

Can someone please reveal their stats that got them into Auburn? Can I get in with two Cs freshman year and one C sophomore year? I got a C in English honors and C in algebra and chem. I am not taking any other honors or ap until junior year. Next year, I am aiming for a 3.7 with high test scores and ECs. I am also taking two APs and one honors junior year. Any help is appreciated.

  1. What year are you in high school?
  2. What is your current GPA?
  3. Have you taken any standardized tests yet?
  4. What state do you live in?
  5. From reading your post history, you come off as a bit panicked. Breathe. You'll end up at the right place for you.
  1. Sophomore
  2. 3.15 from freshman year
  3. No
  4. NJ Thanks for the response!

Okay, that clears some things up, thanks. You’ve got some time. Work on your junior grades and SAT/ACT. Once those come in you can have a better idea of what schools to apply to, whether Auburn or what have you.

Have a conversation soon with your parents about what they can pay for. The OOS universities your looking at will not give any need based aid. You’ll want to see if you can qualify for merit, and also, for a financial safety, apply to some in state schools. Best of luck!