Auburn University

<p>Looking at going to Auburn University Fall 2010, Ive already sent in my application and now im in the process of gathering my Highschool transcripts, CC transcripts, and test scores. Should be all in by the end of the week.
Highshcool stats:
Cum GPA: 2.53
Mostly honors classes
ProStart Program
SATs: CR: 570 M: 570
Community College in Colorado:
Let me start off by saying my CC is just about worthless. Every time I register for classes most of the ones I need are full. Came into the CC right after senior year fall 09
Total credits earned by the end of this semester 15-21.
GPA: 3.2
Working full time
Eagle Scout
I know my stats are horrible, but Ive tried to make the best of my CC and it just isnt working. The staff is great but their class selection and openings are sub-par at best. My intended degree path is business but its looking more like a liberal arts schedule. The only reason im at my current CC is because of the great job I got in the community.</p>

<p>Ive also applied to:
University of South Carolina (reach)
University of Alabama
University of West Florida (instate but money is not an issue)</p>

<p>University of West Florida is like a 5 minute drive from me. You'll get in there.</p>

<p>I know UWF is my safety but I dont know if I really want to go there, if its my only accecptance then yes ill go there but i would love to goto Auburn.
McGuire's Pub is always nice though. ;)</p>

<p>University of South Carolina - reach
University of Alabama - match
Boulder - match
University of West Florida - safety
Auburn - reach</p>

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University of South Carolina - reach
University of Alabama - match
Boulder - match
University of West Florida - safety
Auburn - reach


<p>I agree with this.</p>

<p>How much of a reach do you think Auburn is? I know SC is a pretty far reach, but how does it compare to Auburn? With the AU stats on college board and my ECs I think I have a decent chance on getting in. If I can pick up the other two classes im currently on an extremely long wait list for and do well in them that should bring my CC GPA up to 3.39 or 3.4 and that should deff give me a better chance.
I really feel like my CC is killing me right now.</p>

<p>Add these to the list:
University of South Florida
University of Tennessee
Rollins College
Florida Gulf Coast</p>


<p>I attend Auburn University and it really isn't hard to get in to. Compared to most Alabama University's though it is a little more picky with standarized testing scores. I think you should be fine. I had a 4.4 and 26 ACT and got into Washington University in St.Louis, so Auburn should be nothing for you :)!</p>

<p>Awesome, i like hearing a positive response for once.</p>

FGCU- accecpted
USF- waiting for this semesters grades
UWF- ??? havent heard much
U of Tampa- Waiting for my former high schools registar to send my transcript (Terrible student services department there)
SC- ill find out march 15th
Auburn- Conditional?? my add counselor told me to keep my grades up and im in if they have room</p>

accepted to UWF!!!</p>

<p>BTW is there a way you can edit posts?</p>

<p>Bump got into bama and tampa</p>