auburn vs. university of tennessee

We are OOS for both. Wondering if people could give us some comparisons between these two schools. Assume money and major are not considerations. We realize UTK is more of a city and we know that football is more successful at Auburn. Looking for a school “personality” comparison. Thanks!

Tim Cook, Apple CEO apparently did very well at Auburn. Lol.

I know noting about either school. However, in my little zone within New England, Auburn has an excellent reputation.

Good luck.

They’re very similar.

Auburn is generally viewed as a nicer school with a bit higher academics. This is because they are so close to Atlanta. Also, there are a lot of Auburn grads working in Atlanta so that helps.

Auburn’s vibe is a little more like Ole Miss with that Southern gentleman feel. UTK is more like Kentucky so less dressing up and formality. This might only make sense if you’re from the South. :slight_smile:

I live on the other side of the country now, and I think Auburn is viewed as slightly better academically.

We visited both and my daughter ultimately applied to Tennessee over Auburn. Auburn is a lot farther away than UTK for us so that was a factor. Auburn was beautiful but there just wasn’t anything in our experience there that was special. I have understood that generally speaking … socially… students there are going to drive nice cars, perhaps wear expensive clothes… . Auburn is more of the college town feel my daughter likes but Knoxville was quite charming (maybe it was the Friday night summer Arts happenings going on) and we had a great tour and just liked some of the messages of the Volunteer spirit and the torchbearer… the proximity to the Smokies and Pigeon Forge and the river by the campus… even the dog mascot all just charmed us more. Knowing that UTK is closer and the OOS merit aid possibilities made it more attractive. She has been accepted with a nice OOS merit scholarship but we will visit again before she makes a decision since we did not see the department for her major and we visited in the summer. I do have a friend who’s daughter is at Auburn and she loves it. She is from SC.

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Thank you for responding. This is exactly the type of information I am looking for. Keep it coming!

Auburn and Tennessee ended up being tied for the final two, but S18 eventually chose Tennessee. He liked the feel and look of the Auburn campus a little better, but just clicked with the opportunities Tennessee offered and the city of Knoxville. He felt he would be happy at either school but UTK just had that ‘it’ factor he was looking for. It ended up being the right choice for him. He has thrived there.

Happykid is in grad school at UTK. One thing that I really like about Knoxville, is that the airport is served by multiple airlines and has decent connections to where she needs to go.

Son went to Auburn undergrad and is in grad school as an engineering research assistant. The Atlanta airport is 1.5 hours from Auburn and there are 12 round trip shuttles to the campus every day, including holidays. Transportation isn’t a problem in and out of Auburn. It really is the “fit” that matters most and Auburn has a more Ole Miss/SMU style to the campus / students. I think both schools are pretty close academically. Don’t think you could go wrong w/ either school. War Eagle!

Hello and WDE!!!

I am an undergraduate BS from AU and went to UTK for graduate school. The AU town feel is much smaller and propulgates the small town feel of a college town. I went to UTK as a graduate student and never quite got the Knoxville-feel.

Undergraduate and post-graduate environments are totally unique.
For undergraduate studies, both offer exceptional value.
For lifestyle… UTK is a big town and AU is small town. A student’s perspective of how they will live out they’re 1st and 2nd year in school, will dictate they’re 2nd and 3rd year,
AU was small and perfect for me. A college town geared toward students, football games and classes was the path.
For students that wish/want for more city-oriented options, UTK may be a better place to call home.

Does anyone know when UT and Auburn send out scholarship offers for OOS students? My dd applied to both. Thanks

Also, anybody major in engineering who could compare these two schools?