AUC Dating

OK off gate I know this is not the typical thread for this forum, but honestly I don’t know where else to ask. Alright I’m an 18 year old black guy that will be attending Georgia Tech in the fall. Now most of the population at that school is white and Asian. And while I don’t have a problem with white and Asian women. I prefer black women. So my question is Spelman or CAU very far from GT? How should I go about approaching a girl there being that I don’t attend Morehouse or CAU? Have any of you ever dated a GT guy? Would you consider it? Thank you for all responses.

No Spelman and CAU is not far from GT. And I know the black frats at GT that have pageants recruit women from the AUC. Black GT loves the AUC so you’re not alone!

As far as dating advice, I guess the best thing is to be yourself, kind, and presentable.