Audit: University Of California Admitted 64 Students Over More Qualified Applicants

"The University of California was found to have admitted at least 64 students over more qualified applicants because of the students’ connections to university staff or donors, according to a California state audit released Tuesday.

The audit investigated four campuses — UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC San Diego, and UC Santa Barbara — from academic years 2013-14 through 2018-19 and found that the campuses failed to evaluate students fairly and to develop adequate and standardized admissions processes.

Auditors found that UC Berkeley admitted 42 applicants because of their connections to donors and university staff, including one example where a regent violated university policy by improperly advocating for a student. Most of these applicants were white and at least half had annual family incomes of $150,000 or more. These students do not include two already identified in the 2019 national college admissions scandal, according to the audit." …

It is only news because the practice of admitting for development or political reasons is against UC policy ( ), unlike at many other universities where it is an accepted factor in admissions.