Auditing Classes?

<p>What is auditing a class? What are the benefits? Is it similar to dropping?</p>

<p>Auditing means "observing" the class without being enrolled in it, without taking the exams, quizes, and without receiving the grade!</p>

<p>we had an auditing student in my physics class...exactly what's the point? I mean why do people do this?</p>

<p>some people are not good at picking up info the first time, second time hearing stuff makes it a lot easier to learn. THis could be one reason. </p>

<p>Second reason is if ur a teacher, this might help u learn better technique for teaching.</p>

<p>Also some people just doing for self gratificating reasons. </p>

<p>I dunno kinda weird, i wouldn't do it myself.</p>

<p><<we had="" an="" auditing="" student="" in="" my="" physics="" class...exactly="" what's="" the="" point?="" i="" mean="" why="" do="" people="" this?="">></we></p>

<p>I audited a class in law school once, simply b/c I didn't want to have to study for five exams but I felt it was too important a class to drop. Imagine my glee when I was able to use the subject matter to answer an essay on the bar exam. So, I guess the answer is that people audit courses b/c they want to learn the material without getting a grade whether for gpa reasons or time restraints or exam overload.</p>

<p>some people audit because they are genuinely interested in learning that material but (1) they do not want to pay tuition to register, or (2) they do not have the prereqs or class standing or whatever to be allowed to register, or (3) are not sure they can keep up with the coursework and want to try it out without having to do all the work.</p>

<p>My son has audited a bunch of high level math courses at the local university while in high school, that the university would not allow lower division undergraduates, much less high school students, to take for credit. He did all the homework and exams for most of them, because he wanted to learn the subject. A couple of them he got behind on the coursework for one reason or another, and was able to simply let the course go w/o penalty. When he gets to whatever college he will attend in the fall, he may be able to get credit for some of those courses by taking placement exams. If not, that's okay too. He enjoyed the classes and doesn't really need the credit.</p>

<p>People usually take audited courses because they want to learn about the subject but do not want to have to take tests, do homework, etc.</p>

<p>I audited a class for calc. I took the first semester in the summer of 2003 then tried to take the second semester this last semester. Couldnt remember a thing so i audited calc again.</p>