Audition Day

<p>Where did everyone go to sign in and were there spaces close by to warm up after the dance call? I will be auditioning in January.</p>

<p>Hi! CCM has lots of great practice rooms - my daughter had no trouble finding a cozy room with a piano to warm-up in last year.</p>

<p>But I just remembered that it was an MT only day, I think. I don't know if it's as easy on days when many majors audition. That's a good question because we were impressed with how many current CCM students were practicing on a Saturday.</p>

<p>They have great facilities to practices(a four story building of just practice rooms) I just auditioned on the 3rd of should have no trouble finding someone to tell you how to get there! And luckily the music school is nicely compact so everything is like 3 min away...even starbucks...I recommend the 'CCM special'</p>