Audition day


<p>I posted this at the end of “where to stay” but started a new thread so its less confusing. My S will be auditioning for the BFA program 12/14, is audition day a full day? I’m not sure whether to plan to stay Friday and Saturday or just Friday. I’d rather not drive in the dark for long so if auditions end later in the day I’ll say both nights. THANKS</p>

<p>My S auditioned 12/8 last year. It was not a full day and we had a choice of a morning or afternoon slot. We took the morning and I think we were done by around 12:00. We had already seen the school on a separate visit but you might want to allow extra time if they are offering tours. You should also check out the really cute downtown Princeton area 10 min. from campus if you have time (maybe Friday).</p>

<p>I will have to relook at the email but I don’t remember him choosing AM or PM. Thanks!</p>

<p>We are here right now. There are two sessions, the second session starts at noon. Just spoke with Robin and Nathan.</p>