audition "tapes"

<p>My DD, HS junior cellist, will be recording some pieces for summer camp applications (I know, we're running late for some of them), and it got me thinking about the whole conservatory/college prescreen process. Some questions (and I realize that individual places will have their own requirements, but I'm hoping to get a consensus/overview here):
1. I assume no one actually makes tapes anymore, but is video DVD preferred over audio CD? (We have a Zoom Q3 recorder, which has great sound and very mediocre video capabilities).<br>
2. Does treating it as though it were an actual audition matter? In other words, should it be recorded in a small recital hall, in formal dress, etc? We have a very nice piano in a very "live" living room, but would that be too informal?
3. Although we could probably afford hiring someone to record her, I'm not convinced that they or their equipment would do an enormously better job than I can. Mistake?<br>
4. Finally: does anyone have a sense of the yield on these? In other words, will a given c/c ask for 5 "call-backs" to fill one spot, or 10, or 30? I realize that this will vary between institutions, but I'm trying to understand how meaningful an invitation to audition live is. If/when we get to that, attending them (especially if there are several) will be costly, time consuming, and possibly impossible (so many of them hold auditions in the same few weeks in Jan and Feb).</p>

<p>FWIW, my daughter, who is a 2nd year student at Juilliard, records her audition "tapes" on a Zoom Q3 recorder in a practice room or dance studio at her school, not dressed up. She either exports them to Mp3 or to a DVD, depending on what the program calls for. If you have one of those devices, I don't see the need for spending money on a professional videographer or recorder-- although some people do. As for yield, that is an impossible question to answer. There are many variables, not the least of which is the quality of your student's playing.</p>

<p>We used the Q3 for the two schools that wanted video. 1 wanted dvd format only and the other wanted you-tube upload. (jazz studies student). We had a live living room and S wore black on black. Friends recorded in either high school performance room or basement family room. All three passed all their prescreens.</p>

<p>Rest of prescreens wanted uploaded audio only. They all had their own upload sights.</p>

<p>S is college freshman sending in audition tape for summer program (no live auditions allowed for percussion). The recording services dept at his school only charges $45/hr for video/audio recording and he will get a DVD when he is done and will also get it on a flash drive or something like that so he can upload it to the program he's auditioning for. So if you live near a music school it might be cheaper than hiring elsewhere.</p>

<li><p>Some schools will require a DVD, while some will require a CD and others might require an upload(not as popular, but gaining ground). My guess is that you will ultimately need both DVD and CD.</p></li>
<li><p>Dress nicely for the DVD, but in your living room should be fine.</p></li>
<li><p>For a pre-screen, I'm not sure it needs to be a professional recordingas long as you have good sound and an in-tune piano!</p></li>
<li><p>This varies greatly. I believe that they only pass those they feel really have a chance at acceptance.</p></li>