Auditions 2014

<p>D will be at this Saturday’s auditions (barring any weather related issues). The whole family loves DC and can’t wait to have more Luigi’s Pizza! I love that American sends out preassigned audition times so that students (and parents) don’t have to hang around waiting all day. We visited in August, but are there any “must sees” for theater students not on the standard tour?</p>

<p>OK, so said weather related issues prevented us from being at American this weekend. D will be sending in a video audition instead. Does anyone have any good stories about trekking through the snow to get to their kid’s American auditions? Now for the month of waiting!</p>

<p>A HUGE thank you and kudos to American for allowing these students to send in a video audition!</p>

<p>GOT OUR ENVELOPE TODAY!!! D got into MT and the University College. So thrilled!!!</p>

@broadwayorbust18 did your D wind up going to American? If so how does she like it so far?? Any input advice would be appreciated.