Auditions 2016

Waiting for the academic clearance for auditions February 28…Anyone heard anything yet? The Wagner website says sometime between December and mid-January applicants will be notified if they are going to be invited to audition Feb. 28.

We have not heard anything. How do they decide who they invite?

We have not heard anything either. I called Thursday and spoke to someone in admissions who told me that everyone will be notified whether they get in or not and that we should learn very soon, perhaps Friday. It is Friday evening on the east coast and we have not heard anything as of yet. Has anyone else heard anything? Thanks

My D is waiting too. Just realized today we hadn’t heard yet and thought I’d check in here on CC! We will be in NYC that weekend anyway for another audition, so if it’s a ‘No’ we’ll just catch an extra show! BAL everyone!

We have not heard anything either, glad to see we’re not the only ones. It’s getting frustrating!

Just received the email invite to audition!

Congrats @jbrideau!!! Just checked email, and my D received an invitation too!

Congrats @deelight! I’m panicking a bit because she has all-state chorus in Athens GA Sat. We are booked on the last flight out of ATL at 9:30 and will be cutting it really close to catch that flight. We could do the video audition instead I guess, but she’s auditioning at MSM on Monday so I’d really rather do the live at Wagner too!

Invited to audition! :slight_smile: Unfortunately cannot attend on campus, so I will be sending a video.

Does anyone know if there are any current Wagner students/parents on CC? Would love to get their perspective!

In any case, congrats and BAL to all!

Wow @jbrideau - that is quite a schedule!! At least the video option is available as a backup plan. My D has a Sat audition in NYC, so we’ll be there! Hopefully we won’t have a weather forecast like this weekend’s! Good luck with all - what a whirl-wind. NYC will be our last stop on the audition tour - can’t wait!!

@gmo913 - not sure but if you post something in the general MT area, you might have luck getting an answer. It seems these individual school threads aren’t as active as the used to be. Congrats to you too!!

Good luck to all!

Received my audition invitation this morning! Best of luck, everyone!

Congrats @SammieMT !!

Any idea how many they audition and accept?

According to admissions, emails are going out in batches with another batch tomorrow and all by end of week. My D is near end of alphabet and hasn’t heard yet!

Thanks WG, we’re in the middle of the alphabet and haven’t heard either.

@jbrideau - One of the old threads (from 2012) said they audition about 200 and admit 36. Not sure if those numbers hold true in 2016!?

I hope so @deelight! Those are better odds than most!

Has anything been heard today? My D is waiting to hear as well.

For anyone wondering…I inquired about Wagner for my D as she is a junior so compiling info. The info i received in Sept was that they get approx 400 applicants and the top academically are then invited to audition. They see about 250 students at audition day and the incoming class is approx 32. This was from a Dr. Felicia Ruff in the Theatre Dept.