August 1st common app is finally open!

<p>This is for all of 2011ers out there that has actually been waiting for August 1st and writing your essays and gearing up for common app!!! I know I've been waiting for this in the same fashion as a smitten preteen in line for justin bieber (and no, I'm not a fan; in fact, he makes my ears bleed), but what about YOU???</p>

<p>Wow I just registered this morning, finally the wait is over. And I'm actually excited because the supplements aren't bad at all, now I just have to write them :)</p>

<p>ohhhh, and one more thing, I've written the rough draft of my main essay... if anyone would be willing to take a look at it, I would be very grateful. PM me if you are willing. Smanksss</p>

<p>true true, essays are fun for some! I cant believe you are applying to so many; I'm broke so I can't but yea:ppp but I'm excited because the college app season has finally arrived... which means that in about one year from today, we will be packing our stuff for college and saying adios to hs!</p>

<p>yeah well i might narrow down my list of 14 even more. I can't believe that I'm going to be saying goodbye to high school. It feels really weird to think that I'll be collegebound soon....but I'll be happy when app season is over haha</p>

<p>Oh man, the supps and essays and stuff are not as bad as I expected, but definitely not easy.</p>

<p>I was actually hardcore enough to stay up til like, 4 in the morning to fill out all the basic info and all that. I got some drafts that I need to improve on.</p>

<p>Oh, about the supplements... are they the same for ED, SCEA, etc. as the RD ones?</p>