August 2020 SAT Test Curve/Distribution

Has anyone seen any information about the score distribution for the August 2020 SAT? I have been looking since scores were released this morning, but I cannot find anything.

What do you mean by score distribution?

I think what is the OP is looking for is info on for example, what math score you get if you get one wrong. Sometimes it is 800 and sometimes it might be 770. My student thought he got all the math right, had lots of time to check over the answers, and was even hoping to improve on a 780 math. No luck this time.

So the Raw Score conversion.

-1 in reading → 40/40
-2 in writing&lang -->39/40
-1 in math → 39.5/40

What was your final score on the SAT? I didn’t realize the SAT did 0.5 increments.

SAT scores are 10(Reading scaled score + Writing/Language scaled score) and 20(Math scaled score).

So this would be [10(40+39)] and [2039.5] = 790/790.