August 29 SAT

Are you scheduled to take the August 29 SAT? If so have you been told by College Board whether your test site is open? Have you contacted the test site directly and learned otherwise?

My D21 is scheduled to take the SAT tomorrow morning. Her site is not on the cancelled list, and the school where she is taking it is scheduled to open f2f next week, so we are hopeful that the test will occur.

D’s test center is only 91 miles from us but one time zone east so we are about to leave and drive there, to spend the night at a motel nearby. If they cancel tomorrow, I’ll send them the motel bill. Just for fun.

Good luck parents and kids! My son is scheduled for tomorrow too! I called the school and they said all was good to go…No emails, refunds etc so we wait with bated breath. Like you cstp28 our kids are still e-learning I was worried, but it seems they are moving forward!! DS had 5 tests cancelled during his junior year! He took the SAT once as a sophomore and it was good for that age, but based on last year’s PSAT he will hopefully do a lot better if given a chance. All he wants is a chance. Fingers crossed for all of us!

My child is signed up to take it, and the college board says her site is open. I have an email receipt that says she is registered (date and place). They went to print the admission ticket, and college board didn’t have it. Suggestions?

We got the email reminder from CB to print the admission ticket, but when I checked the cancelation site list, S21’s testing site was on there. We still haven’t heard from CB that’s its canceled but we obviously won’t be going. I think this S’s third cancelation so far.

Just saw the credit card was refunded test fees on Monday. I guess the test site dedensified, and my child was cut. No notice from college board.

Good luck to those lucky enough to test today.

DD’s center closed. We found out because I called the school directly. A week later CB sent us an email notifying us of the cancellation. I emailed them asking for my money back. They credited my card, but never replied to the email to say it had been done. I was able to register DD for a seat in September and I am praying it runs.

My kid is there right now. But this kid has terrible allergy issues so I hope the Claritin kicks in before he freaks out the other test takers and is sent home. 8:16 am so far so good.

Our test center was reported as open. I was comforted that another center was closed and the kids were told to report to the center that my kid was scheduled to take their test at so that was a little reassuring. However, this morning I was keeping fingers crossed that indeed there was someone present to open the doors and administer the tests. On arrival, a line of kids was evident which again - reassuring since we are all in the belief the test will go ahead. Thankfully, at 8am the doors opened and game on! Now the wait begins.

My son’s testing site apparently cancelled with College Board two months ago but CB hadn’t alerted him by the last day to change locations. Thankfully one of his friends found out. He was able to find an alternate site and is there today.

I don’t begrudge schools that close test sites due to things beyond their control. Lack of communication is the frustrating part. The blame here is mostly CB but also the school. The cancelling school never put a mention on their website. The new school he’s at today has the SAT status right on their home page.

Back home after driving from the test site. Everything went smoothly, the humongous suburban HS had enough separate rooms so there were only 8 kids in each, it did feel very safe.
The worst part was the night in the motel, Comfort Suites is not luxury and we didn’t expect any - but a couple of guys high on some stimulants in the room next door, screaming along old country songs after 3 am was more than we wished for. Next time we’ll definitely go upmarket, hoping for a more peaceful night.

lol mine got cancelled one day before

@134g8h4owv that is too bad.

S21 was able to take it yesterday.

Sorry you had to overnight @ArtsyKidDad. We live on the edge of a metro county where all the tests have been cancelled. So we scheduled this one for a private school on the far edge of the neighboring county. Only 20 minutes farther than his HS.

He was one of only 14 testers, split into 2 rooms, plenty of social distance.

He had studied hard in the spring, took a practice test 2 weeks ago & did a little refresher work on Khan Academy. He said he thought the test was pretty easy. Hope he’s right :slight_smile:

Lucky you, I hope you are done!
Oh, all the inequalities this situation creates!