Augustana College or Illinois Wesleyan University??

These two small LACs are on our daughter’s short list. However, we do not live in Illinois, and it seems both are about 80% in-state kids. Can anyone with knowledge/experience re: these schools speak to how it might be for students not from in state (or even the midwest)? And how they might compare to one another in that regard and overall?

  • I read somewhere that the regional flavor of one of these schools (can’t remember which) is very strong, and might not be as comfy for those outside of Illinois.
    Also, we are concerned about Rock Island as a town. It seems Bloomington is a much more healthy and vibrant area — if anyone can offer insight there it’d be appreciated.
    I know both are highly regarded schools. But they’re less known to us. Thank you. :slight_smile:

As someone who is very familiar with both areas, here is my take: Bloomington-Normal is small and yes, so probably looks safe.

However, Rock Island is only a part of the Quad Cities as a whole, a much larger metro area with many more opportunities for internships, volunteering and overall recreation and culture. There really is no comparison on that score, and I have lived in both places.

I would urge you to visit both colleges and also drive around the towns and see for yourselves.