Austin College Admissions and Scholarships

I don’t think there are words to express how OUTSTANDING Austin College is regarding the admission process and scholarship opportunities. For those not from Texas, Austin College is known as a school that changes lives, and their amazing Jan Terms, where you can study abroad for 3 weeks each year. Students that attend Austin College on the pre-med track have a 90+ rate for getting into med school. With that being said, I have a son with a 35 ACT and a desire to pursue a PhD in biological sciences and work in research. Of the six top tier schools our son has considered, Austin College began to rise to the top with the recruiting process. I would say no less than 20 times, the admission’s counselor has reached out to our son. When he visited campus the second time, he created a custom schedule designed for his specific interests. Austin College took the time to set up a one on one appointment with a PhD in biology research, an individual appointment with the professor over the music department, and actually gathered two students to speak with my son that have the same recreational interests. Although our son has been heavily pursued by other colleges, nothing compares to custom experience designed for each student at Austin College.

Austin College has one of the closest groups of successful Alumni that I have ever met as well. They all express the same theme of what makes Austin College so unique is the environment, Jan Terms, and being matched with professors in small groups that mentor them during their time at Austin College. It is the norm, not the exception, to receive hand written notes from students, professors, and the admission team during the recruiting process.

Now let’s talk scholarships! Currently, 99% of students receive financial aid at Austin College. Our son immediately qualified for the $27,000 per year merit scholarship. received a $2,000 a year alumni scholarship, and was directed to two more scholarship opportunities for those interested in STEM fields and playing for fun in a musical ensemble. This does not even include the generous needs based aid awarded to students. I can honestly say that Austin College has one of the best recruiting systems for incoming students. If you have a child that wants stellar academics, one on one mentoring with professors, and a small close knit community, Austin College is the school for you.

Since Austin College has always been known as a school that changes lives, I can honestly say, the admissions process has become a school that changed my sons mind on where he wanted to attend school. Our son has received over a half million dollars in merit aid from premier schools, yet Austin College wins hands down on the admissions process. If you are looking for an incredible school, and don’t know much about Austin College, take the time to visit and speak with the admissions department. Let them know what your child is interested in pursuing and ask them to help you set up a meeting to speak one on one with a professor in his or her specific area of interest. I believe you will come to recognize the incredible mentorship opportunities and caliber of professors at Austin College by engaging with the faculty at Austin College.

Is your son attending?