Austin College Sherman Premed Track

I would like to know about Austin College research, internship and volunteer opportunities for premed students.
How well prepared their students for medical school? Do they have any MCAT offerings at campus?
I am debating between UTD Dallas and Austin College Sherman?
I believe that it would be very difficult for me to maintain my GPA at UTD Dallas to keep up with 3.8 and above GPA with those National Merit students at Collegium V students at UTD. Smaller class sizes at Austin college will definitely benefit me. Any suggestions please!

You’ve asked a a lot of great questions! I’d love to answer all of them for you. Please email me at Have you been up to campus yet? With our small student body and faculty who mentor and teach, our pre health science students have an 80% acceptance rate to health science schools (medical, dental, vet, etc.). Our students complete over 16,000 hours of community service each year and a very high percentage complete internships and other hands on experiences like research, too! Our pre-Heath science program is an extra curricular program designed to assist students with all aspects of their road to graduate or professional health related schools. Please feel free to contact me with other questions!

Thank you so much!
Already received Alumni scholarship as well as working on Musical scholarship but the financial gap is still too much.
I emailed you in detail.
Any suggestions for outside scholarships?
Thanks. is a great resource and one I tell students about all the time. Also check with your high school counselor, as well as any outside organizations with which you may volunteer.

I think it is best