Austin, Texas

<p>Let's talk about the city itself, and how the University and the city coexist. </p>

<p>let me start this off the discussion by presenting some articles:</p>

<p>10</a> Best Cities for the Next Decade - Kiplinger</p>

<p>America's</a> Most Innovative Cities -</p>

<p>College</a> Graduates: Top 25 Cities for Finding Your Entry-Level Job - MonsterCollege?</p>

<p>Present your opinions/observations about the growth of Austin, how it is developing, the job prospects, the industry, the quality of life, and basically discuss anything that has to do with what makes Austin....Austin.</p>

<p>Job wise, i hear the gaming industry is thriving in austin. UTs the heart of Austin.</p>

<p>Which gaming companies in Austin are hiring? The Austin gaming industry has had its ups and downs, and it's been better in the past than it is now. These days it's more accurate to say the gaming industry in Austin is holding its own.</p>