Automated grading, scoring, points losts and performance report for SAT tests

<p>If you are spending time to grade, score, and get insight into where to spend study time try [url=<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;] theTestGrader - ACT & SAT scoring and performance reporting <a href="beta">/url</a> which provides automated scoring and performance reports for SAT tests. Reports are available for tests from number of books and custom tests. </p>

<p>In few clicks convert your book/ paper based test practice responses in scaled score, points lost by subject area, and detailed performance analysis. Reports work for an individual section of test or for full length test. For individual section the scores are extrapolated as if the full length test was done. Currently, individual sections report are free, full test reports are available in paid version. </p>

<p>The report provided
• Scaled Score for all sections
• “Points Lost” analysis by topics and subjects which identifies the areas of most impact
• Analysis by subjects, topics, skills & sections
• Performance by difficulty
• Summary of correct, incorrect & omitted
• Test Taking Tendencies and strategies analysis
-- Tiredness / fatigue factor
-- Guess factor (Answer distribution)
-- Confidence tracking</p>