Automatic admission question?

<p>I qualify for automatic admission, their website says you need a 3.4 gpa to get accepted, I have a 3.8. They don't even make you write an essay. The problem is that they make you submit your ACT/SAT scores, my ACT score's really bad.. a 22. I plan on retaking it next month. I heard that they sometimes use your scores to place you in classes, if i get accepted with that score and do better when I retake it can I send them my new score so they don't put me in remedial classes? Should I apply now or wait?</p>

<p>If you have a 3.8 AND you’ve completed the 16 college prep credits, you will be admitted automatically. They won’t use your ACT scores for admission purposes.</p>

<p>As for placement, here’s the math placement info - [General</a> Information](<a href=“]General”></p>

<p>Here’s the writing placement info - [General</a> Information](<a href=“]General”></p>

<p>Additionally, I believe your ACT score is still within the mid-50% of admitted students. Apply now. You’ll be admitted before Thanksgiving.</p>

<p>I agree with johnnydoe. Apply now, get in, get your housing deposit in, then resubmit test scores later. It’s an excellent plan and will make your winter break a relaxing one.</p>

<p>Ok! thank you!</p>