Automatic Admit Question

<p>OK so I'm out of state and am applying to Texas a&m and I am eligible for the auto admit program. My only question is that does this apply to OOS students or only in state students?</p>

<p>This is only for in-state students. Sorry dude. But if you have great scores and a good school record, you should be in. I mean, most CCers can go almost wherever we want haha. </p>

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<p>The top 10% auto admit program is only for Texas students
But there is another way to be an auto admit that is open to Out of state as well
Academic</a> Admits</p>

<p>Yes' this is where i come in ! Im really intrested in going to Texas A&M and im from NY. I understands the the top 10% class rank does not apply to out of state students' as it should not. But does Academic Admit apply to those like me in NY. Academic Admit being (top 25% in class plus 1300 in math/english SAT)</p>

<p>Im doing much reserach and cant find the answer anywhere else ?</p>

<li>Thank you.</li>

<p>The web site is very specific that the top 10% is for Texas residents only.
It does NOt specify that the top 25% and 1300+ on SAT is for Texas residents only. It does specify that the 1300 must be composed of at least 600 on math & 600 on english. AND that you must meet the (great) State of Texas Uniform admission policy requirements. (which there is a link to in the link below)
Here ya go:
Academic</a> Admits</p>

<p>So' Yes ? Or do they perfer not to answer ?
Or does it mean you probably will get in' hypothetically speaking ?
From a out of state view.</p>

<p>I think JosuelPlasencia that you will be admitted if you meet the admission requirments as stated. I would apply on August 1st to be assured of your first choice major.</p>

<p>Thank you so much for your information. Texas A&M is the #1 school i am looking at. I will apply by August 1st. Also i am reperesenting A&M in a international college fair in the Dominican Republic. Im currently in my junior year attending school and doing mission work in a forgien country. Becuase of this and schedgle trouble' i have no science credit Junior year. Is that bad ?</p>

<p>Should i make a seprate thred ?</p>

<p>A&M requires all applicants to have four science credits. If you take two science courses in your senior year, you shouldn't have a problem!</p>

<p>Minimum</a> Required Coursework</p>

<p>Im still not aware if the academic admit applies to out of state students ?</p>

<p>JosuelPlasencia - the automatic admission for academics does apply to out of state students. The top 10% is for Texas residents only.</p>

<p>Thank you for that. I wonder why some people who fit the requirements didn't get accepted.</p>

<p>Are you sure they met the guidelines for Texas</a> Uniform Admission Policy ?
It isn't all about the SAT/ACT scores. And it isn't just the composit scores, each score in the composit has to be at a certain score. It is all spelled out here <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>