Automotive Engineering from UCF

Is UCF’s Mechanical Engineering program good for folks (like me) who want to become automotive engineers? To me, it looks like it’s more geared toward aerospace engineering, but it is still a mechanical engineering degree. So do car companies hire from UCF, and would a bsme work well for that career?

(I’m from the midwest so I don’t have too much experience with UCF.)

Over the next ten years, the auto industry is going to transition to electric vehicles, which are essentially IPhones on wheels. There are going to be a lot of unemployed Automotive Engineers in the Midwest, especially the ones who specialize in the “oily bits” - engines and transmissions. On the other hand, the car companies are desperately hiring EE’s and software engineers to develop the cars (and car factories) of the future, so keep that in mind when choosing a career path. There will be some need for ME’s in the car industry, but probably far less than there is today.