Autotutorial Classes

<p>Hi there. I'm going to be a freshman at CAS next year (knock on wood,) and I remember that at Cornell Days some people were talking about autotutorial classes - where you basically learn the material on your own, and don't attend formal lectures.</p>

<p>I was wondering if someone could explain, more thoroughly, what these classes are about? Is taking an autotutorial class more difficult than taking a "regular" class? Does it look worse than taking a traditional, lecture-style class?</p>

<p>normally, it has a higher median grade (in physics, next year, in regular lecture/calculas based it's a B-, and the autotutorial is an A-). You do have meetings/quizzes regularly with TAs. It's really a self-discipline, where you have to motivate yourself to study as you don't have lecture, but I think that deadlines for quizzes and such can probably motivate you (and believe me, i usually don't read ahead for lecture anyway). I think it can only benefit you if you do well because it shows that you have a lot of self-motivation, and can do things on your own, which if you are applying to medical school, can be a real plus. Another great thing I feel is that you can get to know the professor better because it is normally not as big as the regular class. My b/f did autotutorial physics, and he got his physics prof. to write a letter of recommendation that went beyond his grade in the class.</p>

<p>so how do u get into one of these classes?? are tehy offered to freshmen courses?? sounds good...i mean it saves class time i guess...</p>

<p>Freshmen are discouraged (banned) from taking autotutorial physics. But may take autotutorial intro bio.</p>

<p>no biology for me, banned is an exageration?? lol, no i do want lectures...for teh college experience and all...btu maybe sum course that doesnt really matter for my majjor ill do on my own kinda thing .. i dono whatever happens its all good</p>

<p>Are autotutorial classes necessarily geared toward science?</p>

<p><<normally, it="" has="" a="" higher="" median="" grade="" (in="" physics,="" next="" year,="" in="" regular="" lecture="" calculas="" based="" it's="" b-,="" and="" the="" autotutorial="" is="" an="" a-).="">></normally,></p>

<p>Just curious - is that a bad thing? Does that mean that it's harder to get a good grade in an autotutorial course than in a regular class (because of the curve)?</p>

<p>It's a good thing. Means autotutorial physics is easier. BTW: There is no curve for autotutorial physics. The mean grade just turns out to be a A-</p>