Avalanche of Paper Needs Shredding

Does anyone have any experience with bringing a shredding truck to your house to get documents shredded? I would imagine it’s not worth doing unless you get a few families and/or businesses to do it with you and share the cost? I have a home-based business that used to result in me doing a lot printing, so I have a garage full of old and useless papers that I can’t just recycle or trash. Would it cost more than a couple hundred dollars to get them to come out? Do they shred it right then and there, or just cart it off to shred elsewhere?

Can you burn them? Got an outside fire pit or barrel? very secure as you do it yourself.

Just a thought.

I burn mine. Good fire starter.

I got one of those trucks to come to a former place of employment and was shocked how inexpensive it was. Definitely less than $200, but this was years ago and I suppose it depends on how much you have and the market. In my case, they loaded it into the shredder right in front of my eyes.

I think it takes far too long to burn a significant quantity of paper, plus if burning outside there tend to be burning fragments which float away. I shred daily with an office shredder, but each year have client files that no longer need retained due to statute of limitations.

A nearby city had a service where the shredder truck came to my business. I had 10? (can’t remember for sure) of the large containers on wheels which are used for weekly trash collection. I had the paper files in boxes, and they transferred to the trash containers to roll outside to the truck. They even carried it from my upstairs office.

The truck had a window, so one could actually see if going through the shredder. I had this down twice, the first time was 10 years worth of old office files. I paid $150 the first time and $75 the second. This was 10 and 5 years ago.

Now I take the yearly accumulation to one of the trucks that come to our city for a donation to a charity, or to my bank, which has a yearly “free shred” event. These are client files with confidential information, and I would not be comfortable if I couldn’t see them being shredded.

When I was in a UPS store the other day, I noticed they had a heavy-duty shredder. If you can haul your stuff to a UPS…

I took several boxes at a time to get them shredded at a records place. Around I think $5 a box for a file box.

They shred in front of you.

When my kids were in high school, several groups would do paper shredding or recycling of old electronics as fund raisers. It was very cheap, sometimes free but if they were records of another person (like medical or tax) I’d want a more secured method than dropping off in the school parking lot.

My friend did have someone come to her home to shred medical records (her husband was an eye doctor). I’m thinking they did shred at her house and take away the mess.

My H takes his old business files to a packing/mailbox place that does shredding. They charge by the pound. They have two different options- one price if they shred while you watch, less expensive if you drop and they shred at a later time.

" one price if they shred while you watch, less expensive if you drop and they shred at a later time."
shredded at a later time means straight to the dumpster…when you leave.

What is an avelanche? Would 2 box shredders and a couple of kids working at X$ an hour get it done in a day or so?

@HRSMom I think that any non-industrial shredder would burn out its motor with all that I have!

But glad to hear that this may not be as expensive as I was thinking, so Monday morning the phone calls begin! Thanks all!

Sounds like someone’s due for a PIÑATA PARTY!

Search on shred360. It is a company that shreds documents for businesses but also do freee shred events where you drive through and dump bags of stuff to be shredded. Not sure what parts of country they are in

After my parents died, I had all kinds of stuff to shred. Our credit union had a free shred day and I took several boxes to it. Later on, I needed more done and took it to the town shred day and paid $5 a box. You can probably find a company in the yellow pages- do they have those on line?