Avengers: Infinity Wars was filmed in Atlanta (no spoilers)


I don’t know the answer to that. I’m a STEM student primarily.

However, some other posters on Emory’s CC forum might know. I’ll tag them:

I know the writing program at Emory is very highly regarded but I don’t know the faculty. My daughter is a social sciences major. But you can google the professors to learn more about their work. Several of the current Emory students in the writing program are published authors themselves and in writing workshops, sometimes you learn as much from classmates critiques as from your professors.

I scanned through the faculty profiles and sent an email to Prof Skibell asking about screenwriting at Emory. He was the only faculty I could find with a screenwriting background, but I’m sure there are more.
Thanks @chemmchimney @BiffBrown

@romns116 : I actually appreciate you for doing the work for you (or your child?) about the school and not just relying upon rankings and superficial impressions from other places on the internet. Also, I appreciate you for seriously caring about the academics beyond a vague “It must be good because the school is well-regarded”. You seem to want to know what actually makes the experience good at the place. I am finding this kind of rare on here because most people just don’t care.

Thanks for the kind words @bernie12

It’s for my son, who’s a high school junior. I helped with identifying schools with ranked film programs, but he told me that alone wasn’t the most important thing for him. He’s the one who added Emory to the list. I researched the school to prove why it wasn’t a good fit, he actually seems to be proving me wrong.

His criteria is completely opposite to everything Emory is known for (Big D1 sports, rah-rah school spirit, west coast, film production), but he still has a strong interest in Emory. I think a big part of it is the demonstrated interest (scholarship to summer program) the school has shown to him. He wants to be at a school where he’s wanted.

I’m thankful for the multitude of Emory experts on this forum. Your input is very helpful for people who haven’t been there.