Avengers: Infinity Wars was filmed in Atlanta (no spoilers)


“The CGI-heavy production was headquartered at Pinewood Studios in Fayette County. You’ll spot Midtown, downtown and east Atlanta in some of the street scenes craftily made to look like New York City with props like New York Post newspaper boxes and NYC taxi decals.”

“Chris Hemsworth, shown here getting suited up and ready for action, has been spotted nearby in his downtime. He and Robert Downey Jr., also part of this week’s filming activity, each took in Cirque du Soleil’s “Luzia” performance at Atlantic Station recently.”

"Marvel would love to film its superhero blockbusters in Hollywood but keeps filming in Atlanta instead.

The reason why is simple. It’s much less expensive to film here, thanks to Georgia’s film-friendly tax policies."


“So … where do all the super-hero stars like to hang out in Atlanta when they have a little downtime?”

Georgia is a right to work state - very anti-union.

Related question. Does anyone know what happened to the Emory-Pinewood partnership? Was there ever one? I found older articles with the pinewood.emory.edu subdomain. But it no longer exists. Pinewood Studios is where most the latest films/TV shows are being made.

I’m asking because S19 is interested in their film program. Georgia is booming. The Emory film studies program is growing. Sounds like the potential for a great partnership is there.

@ljberkow There are many right to work states including, for example, Texas and yet Infinity Wars wasn’t filmed in Dallas or Houston.


@romns116 points out that Pinewood Studios has a huge production facility in Atlanta:

“For filmmakers looking for studios, locations, technicians, services, expertise and incentives, all under one roof, Pinewood Atlanta is the new, go-to choice in the US. Set across 700 acres and home to 18 sound stages ranging from 15,000 to 40,000 square feet, it has an extensive backlot spanning 400 acres.”

“Georgia is now the number one filming location in the world, according to the recent Film LA report.”

“Recent films shot in Georgia include: Godzilla: King of Monsters, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Avengers: Infinity War, Black Panther, Pitch Perfect 3, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House and Spider-Man: Homecoming.”

LA and NC are also right to work states with growing film industries, but no where near GA’s growth rate.

If I understand it correctly, right to work means producers aren’t required to hire union exclusively, but unions still exist in these states. So they aren’t necessarily anti-union, but more equal opportunity. I’m sure others wouldn’t see it that way.

It is not all union related. Georgia has invested heavily, especially in the area of tax credits. There are other universities right now that are more invested in media and film, but there is an opportunity for the Georgia universities to strengthen their departments and majors.

@ljberkow I agree 100%. I emailed the president asking if Emory has plans to restart the Pinewood partnership. It sounds like a unique opportunity to strengthen the film and media dept.

None of the Georgia schools have invested heavily into film/tv (except SCAD), not sure why. Medicine/Healthcare/Engineering/etc will always be strengths Atlanta, but it doesn’t have to be the only focus in the universities.

Of course, I’m speaking as an ignorant person who’s never even been there, so I don’t know the true academic culture. I just learned about this through researching schools for S19.

@romns116 : You may have wanted to contact Dean Elliott (dean of ECAS). As far as I know, he is more likely to be useful when it comes to that (more easily putting you into contact with the right person. But yes, with the extreme growth of film in Georgia, a place like Emory needs to reconsider its film and media studies major and its relationship with Atlanta. Building relationships with Atlanta and taking advantage of them is a part of ECAS and the soon to be University Strategic Plans, so a little allusion to those to remind them how your idea fits into them could never hurt.

One interesting thing I noticed is that films that are drama, comedy, or romance related are filming in Atlanta and are beginning to feature Atlanta as Atlanta as opposed to always subbing it for LA (This one is easy. Atlanta literally does look like a tree-filled LA. The relative location and even size of the skylines are strikingly similar),NYC, or other larger cities though of course the latter still happens. Just always nice to see it get some respect and features for being what it is.

Would also add to Emory, if it markets it well, because a more diverse set of students may be drawn who are perhaps interested in that scene. They can take advantage through GBS, or just film and media studies. We know why tech and healthcare are the foci (big impact and big money), but growing a relationship with the film industry in Atlanta and beyond (and Emory has a track record in part due to CMF) can also spell big money, an alternative way to garner attention for the school beyond investing in big sports, as well as a broader representation of alumni (basically them being present in a larger number of careers).

Brilliant idea @bernie12 !
I’ll do that.


You might also want to contact Robert Barracano who teaches Film 300R - Filmmaking Practicum.

Barracano is mentioned in the 2017 Emory magazine article about Emory grads in the Atlanta film industry that I linked in the other thread.

There are several other Emory alums mentioned including one who helped convince Pinewood to set up its Atlanta filmmaking facilities:

"One of the forces behind all this is Stephen Weizenecker 88Ox 90C, who used his background in entertainment law to play a key role. Now, in addition to helping major studios, cable networks, and video game companies take advantage of production incentives, he serves as a consultant to other states and countries that want to build up their own entertainment industry.

Weizenecker’s path started at Emory, when he was managing a friend’s band that played fraternity parties. “Although I’d fallen in love with music and entertainment, I saw that our lawyer worked regular hours,” he says. “I realized that, rather than manage rock bands, I really wanted to work on the legal and finance side.”

After graduating, Weizenecker earned a law degree in Michigan, but returned to Atlanta, where he helped an acquaintance draw up a financing plan for using Wall Street investments to fund a new film production company. That was Legendary Pictures, one of the most successful media companies of the past decade—think Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, Jurassic World, and the Hangover films (the latter were coproduced by another Emory grad, Scott Budnick 99B).

Weizenecker came up with the idea for transferable credits when he was tapped by the governor to serve on a commission tasked with simplifying Georgia’s tax incentives to make them more appealing to film studios. He later was part of a delegation sent to London during 2012 to help woo the prestigious Pinewood Studios into opening what is now Georgia’s largest soundstage complex, located in rural Fayette County."

Rob is the professor I’ve been in touch with regarding questions around the film program itself. He’s been extremely helpful. I also asked about the Pinewood relationship, but I know he’s busy with the premiere of his new movie (using Emory film students) Fran K. Rob told me that a few successful showrunners (Greg Plageman and Mark Goffman) came from Emory.

I didn’t know about Weizenecker’s story. I’ll reach out to him. Thanks @BiffBrown you’ve been very helpful.

Hopefully Emory considers expanding their film program to include Pinewood in some capacity.

Got a response from Prof. Bernstein. Main points:

  • They’re renewing talks with Pinewood to affiliate Emory’s film dept with the studio in some capacity
  • Also plans being discussed to collaborate with GFA to incorporate true production courses
  • Emory is embarking on a major capital campaign to make major improvement to the Visual Arts Bldg, including insert stage, post-production suite, and more studio space.

@romns116 and @bernie12


Thursday, May 3, 2018
6:15 to 8:00 p.m.
United Talent Agency | 9336 Civic Center Drive | Beverly Hills, CA 90210Online registration is now closed. If you would like to attend, please email Daniel Ledford.
6:15 p.m. Reception
7:15 p.m. Program

Drinks and appetizers will be served.

You are cordially invited to gather with alumni, parents, and friends for an inside perspective on the intersection of the College’s strategic priorities and the entertainment industry.

Space is limited and expected to fill quickly. Please respond by April 30.


Michael A. Elliott
Dean and Charles Howard Candler Professor of English
Emory College of Arts and Sciences

Matthew Bernstein
Goodrich C. White Professor and Chair, Department of Film and Media Studies
Emory College of Arts and Sciences

Steve Cohen 04C
United Talent Agency

Amy Powell 97C
Paramount Television and Digital Entertainment

Attire is business casual.
Contact Information
Daniel Ledford

@romns116 I thought you might be interested in the presentation/meeting taking place tomorrow in Beverly Hills, California between Prof. Berstein and Dean Elliott of Emory and some Hollywood executives.

Thanks @BiffBrown
He mentioned meeting with industry people in LA. I’d love to attend, but we’re in TX. I’m going to ask if it will be recorded.

The Career Center at Emory mentioned previous film students interning/working with all three major agencies (William Morris, CAA, and UTA).


Given your strong interest in filmmaking, is it a safe assumption that you work in the motion picture industry?


No, I’m not involved in the entertainment industry at all. I’m just another proactive (read overzealous) CC parent helping my son research schools :slight_smile:

He likes Emory for their academic reputation and their locale. Funny, the only other schools he’s seriously considering are polar opposites to Emory; big D1 sports schools with solid academics (USC, UT Austin, and UMichigan).

He wants to be a film director/showrunner/screenwriter.


Emory has a very strong creative writing program.

You can read about it on these threads:

A couple of highlights from these threads:

Emory alum and creative writing major Lauren Gunderson has held the title of America’s most produced playwright for a couple of years in a row.

Emory alum and current medical student Michelle Izmaylov is having one of her sci fi books turned into a movie:

I’ve read through the first thread, didn’t see the 2nd one. Thanks @BiffBrown!

My son will be at Emory this Summer taking the Dramatic Writing Studio. The description sounds geared more towards playwriting and theater, but I’m sure it will help him.

I’ve read about Emory’s excellent reputation for writing. Do any particular instructors stand out for screenwriting?